Wow! What an incredible 72 hours! We've gotten more votes in three days for Round Three than for the whole week of voting for either of the first two rounds. As of this writing, we've gotten a stunning 15,532 votes! So where do we stand now that we're in the middle of the week? Let's take a look:

Matchup 1 - Toms River East Raiders vs. Lakewood Piners

Matchup 1 voting as of 1pm on March 9th

The Lakewood Piners had a storybook Round Two. They had been behind the Donovan Catholic Griffins all week long, and then surged last weekend to knock off the Griffins at the last minute. The voting  closed at Noon on Monday, and the Piners squeaked into Round Three.

Well, they're going to need another one of those tricks up their sleeves. As of right now, they're being easily handled by the Toms River East Raiders. They say, "nothing's greater than a Raider", what do you think, Lakewood? Is nothing finer than a Piner?


Matchup 2 - Toms River South Indians vs. Point Pleasant Borough Panthers

Matchup 2 voting as of 1pm on March 9th

Ever since I saw the sheer number of votes that were being cast for this matchup, I knew it was going to be the one to watch. The Toms River South Indians and Point Pleasant Borough Panthers have literally been neck and neck all week long so far. Sometimes as far apart as 400 votes, sometimes as close as 10.

This one is going to come down to one thing - getting the fan base to vote. South may be Toms River's original high school, but if they don't hold off Point Borough and the Panthers continue to open up their lead, the Indians will be watching from the sidelines while someone else looks to become the Ocean County Mascot Madness champion!


As a reminder - you can vote once per day, per device. The voting rules are the same for both matchups, so all mascots have an equal chance. It all comes down to one thing - who can get the most votes in a full week.

Will it be your school's mascot? Vote below to make sure it is!