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It’s the last week of the “regular” season in the Shore Conference and once again you’ll have a chance to test your knowledge against our panel of experts as part of ELITE SPORTS PHYSICAL THERAPY Picks of the Week. Last week Mark Migliori of Toms River was one of three players who went 17-3 and he was randomly selected to receive a $25 gift card from Surf Taco. A former high school and college coach Mark now enjoys watching his son play for TR South.

Each week you have a chance to submit your picks and the one with the most correct choices gets the Surf Taco gift card. Ties will be broken through a random drawing and the deadline is 5 p.m. Friday.


NOTE: There was a mistake in the questions that incorrectly listed Rumson and Mater Dei as choices under the Long Branch vs. Old Bridge game and the software we use is not allowing us to make a change at the moment. That game will be deleted and will not count toward this week's picks records.

Note:  Any game postponed or changed after the initial post goes up will be taken off the board and not counted.

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