11/05/2021 - Hopewell Valley / Wall - NJSIAA SJG3 Quarterfinal
Richard E. O'Donnell

The recent developments at Wall Township High School have cast a black eye on a community that has for the most part been very proud of a school that is generally considered among the best public schools in the shore and maybe even the state. What this story has also shown is that too many forget about the most important aspect and that is the students and yes staff that attend and work there.

When news first broke about hazing/bullying allegations and later other sexual assault claims the rush to judgement was like an EF-5 tornado.  First rule was to try and separate fact from fiction because the rumor mill was totally out of control…partly of course fueled by social media which in this case was not helpful.

We know enough to acknowledge something took place in the locker room involving members of the football team that was very inappropriate and that’s being kind…whether it was criminal is something that will be determined at some point by the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office which is in complete control of the investigation.  However I caution those to be careful when they put labels on the Crimson Knights football program as being “out of control” and demand it be shut down for a year or two.

Let the process play out…their season is over and for seniors who were not involved in any fashion they have already paid a price.  Forfeiting a chance to win a state title and then losing their traditional Thanksgiving Day game with Manasquan.

Listen I’m not pretending to know anything of consequence here but let’s stop calling for the heads of coaches, teachers, administrators and others until we know the real and final story.  There is plenty of time to then issue penalties and punishment.

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