Seriously, people?!

There will come a day when I no longer have to warn you about stupid social media challenges. At least, there better be.

We've got another one for you to worry about.

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You'd think the kids would learn by now.

This is far from the first social media challenge we've had to warn you about:

The Bird Box Challenge - inspired by the movie, Bird Box, it challenges users to do everyday tasks while blindfolded.

The Outlet Challenge - people have been partially plugging in their cellphone chargers and then placing a penny in-between the metal prongs.


The Tide Pod Challenge - eat a tide pod and all the chemicals included.

The Pothole Challenge - Kids remove orange cones that are placed over potholes. The more cones they remove, the more points they get.

Just to name a few...

Well now there is another challenge to be aware of and this one targets car owners, specifically those with a Kia.

It is called the Kia Challenge.

Photo by Michael Held on Unsplash
Photo by Michael Held on Unsplash

According to, this new, "trend encourages TikTok users to turn on Kia cars with a USB cord."

I am not going to give someone promoting this challenge any additional views as encouragement but basically, the USB cord is inserted into the ignition and twisted to turn on the car the same way you would with a normal car key.

This trick is now being used to commit actual crimes. Cars are being damaged and even stolen.

Why? Just...WHY?

Photo by Hyundai Motor Group on Unsplash
Photo by Hyundai Motor Group on Unsplash

If you come across the Kia Challenge while scrolling, TikTok is asking that you report it so it can be removed from the platform.

According to, tap the flag symbol on the side of the video you want to report. Press the icon that says "report" and select "illegal activities" as the reason for reporting.

Kids, I am pretty sure there are 20,496,290,089 other things you could be doing to better use your time. Go to the beach. Get ice cream.

ANYTHING but these social media challenges, I beg of you...

Catch up on other dangerous social media challenges out there NOW so you are in the know of what to look out for:

Dangerous & Harmful Social Media Challenges Parents Should Be Aware Of

You have to know about them before you can do something about them.

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