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Orthopaedic Institute (3-4)

JSBL Team Page | Stats

Playoff Position: No. 5 Seed, will play No. 8 Assistive Choices Inc. Thursday in First Round


R.J. Cole, 6-1, UConn

Jameel Warney, 6-8, Stony Brook

Jagan Mosley, 6-3, Georgetown

George Papas, 6-5, Monmouth

Ray Salnave, 6-2, UMBC

Trevis Wyche, 6-1, St. Peter’s

Louis Pillari, 6-6, Monmouth (CBA)

Alanzo Frink, 6-8, East Carolina

Konrad Kiszka, 6-7, Princeton

Steve Harris, 6-7, East Stroudsburg

Mike Aaman, 6-8, Wagner (Raritan)

Jesse Steele, 5-8, Monmouth

Max Zakheim, 5-11, Bryant

Dan Pillari, 5-10, Monmouth (Shore Regional)

Tevon Bennett, 6-2, Lehman

Jalen Jackson, 6-1, Ocean County College (Brick)


Season Summary

At its fullest, Orthopaedic Institute has the most star-studded roster in the JSBL. The list of players includes a former NBA G-League player in Jameel Warney, a member of the Lakers’ Summer-League team in R.J. Cole, and big-time scorers and contributors in the college ranks: George Papas (Monmouth), Jagan Mosley (Georgetown), Trevis Wyche (St. Peter’s) and Ray Salnave (Monmouth and UMBC).

In the JSBL though, you never know who is going to walk through the gym doors and in the case of Orthopaedic, they have not had some of the big names consistently. They do, however, have a consistent nucleus of Papas, Konrad Kiszka, Louie Pillari, Mike Aaman and Alanzo Frink.

Each of those five scored at least 19 points in a season-opening win over Sea Shore Auto, with Frink (24) and Aaman (21) each cracking 20. After the positive start, Orthopaedic hit a four-game skid, with at least one of the five regulars missing for each game. Salnave joined the team for all three of those games, Warney put up 31 points in a thrilling, 120-119 loss to Stern’s Trailer that ended on a game-winner at the buzzer by Shavar Reynolds., and Wyche showed up to score 25 in a 124-122 loss to Assistive Choices Inc.

Orthopaedic snapped its losing streak in a big way, with Cole (41 points) and Mosley (26) making their debuts and sparking their squad to a 161-128 win over Larson Ford, with Wyche (34) also turning in a big game. Wyche (27 points) and Cole (26) helped Orthopaedic close out the regular season with a win over the previously-unbeaten WCT Warriors.

The JSBL Playoffs begin with Orthopaedic Institute as a threat to win it, although they will have to play Thursday night against Assistive Choices Inc., which picked up its only win of the summer so far by beating Orthopaedic head-to-head.


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