Student-athletes from the Jersey Coast Academy Jaguars football program are excelling in academics.

After completing their first semester at Jersey Coast Academy (Fall 2015), the following academic standouts achieved the NCAA GPA requirements to become eligible for Division 1 and Division 2 scholarships:

Jersey Coast Academy.
  • Shawn Simmons (Harrisburg, PA)
    • High school GPA 2.2...JCA Fall 2015 GPA 3.53
  • Souley Sulaiman (Old Bridge, NJ)
    • High school GPA 1.9...JCA Fall 2015 GPA 3.33
  • Rayshawn Coe (Hartsville, SC)
    • High school GPA 2.3...JCA Fall 2015 GPA  3.2
  • Nick Davis (Delanco, NJ)
    • JCA Fall 2015 GPA 3.5
  • Roy Russell (Takoma Pk, MD)
    • JCA Fall 2015 GPA 3.4
  • Dale Thomas (Jackson, NJ)
    • JCA Fall 2015 GPA 3.0
  • LJ Ducket (Norristown, PA)
    • JCA Fall 2015 GPA 3.0

Only 11% of the student-athletes enrolling in the JCA football program were academically eligible to be offered Division 1 and Division 2 scholarships after graduating from high school.  After only one semester, over 70% of student-athletes reached the NCAA GPA requirements to become eligible.

Jersey Coast Academy specializes in preparing and developing athletes, who have graduated high school, to progress to the next collegiate or professional level.

By placing a strong emphasis on academics, "We are starting to see the results of the structured program," said Dr. Michael Rush (JCA Academic Advisor) of Jersey Coast Academy. "The entire Jersey Coast Academy family is extremely excited about the results.  Our goal is to have 100% of the student-athletes eligible after the spring 2016 term."

Jersey Coast Academy's head coach is former Point Boro coach Calvin Thompson. He led the Panthers from 2002-2010, compiling a 67-30 record. Point Boro won the NJSIAA South Jersey Group II state sectional title in 2005 and finished 12-0. The Panthers also won the Shore Conference National Division title in 2004, 2005 and 2008.

"I'm very thankful to Jersey Coast Academy for all they have done for me. They have been a huge influence in my life this past semester," said Shawn Simmons. "The combination of Coach Thompson reminding me every day why I'm here, the mentoring from JCA, structured environment, and the comradery of my fellow teammates, all contribute to my success. I would not be nearly the player or person I am today without them."

Established in 2011, Jersey Coast Academy is a non-profit, post grad/junior college athletics program located in Ocean County, NJ.  The football program, which began in Fall of 2012, has captured the attention of recruiters nationally, and now internationally, by competing against established programs like Navy JV, Army JV, Wagner, Wesley, and Albright.

About Jersey Coast Academy: Jersey Coast Academy, New Jersey's distinct junior college (JUCO/PG) level athletics program, transitions student athletes into leaders and champions, while simultaneously empowering men and women to be successful within competitive environments in college and throughout their lives. For more information, visit