Today is Columbus Day in which we sort of pay tribute to the explorer who got lost before arriving in the Americas on October 12, 1492.

The second Monday in October has been a federal holiday since 1937 but a growing number of states including Alaska, Florida, Hawaii, Oregon, South Dakota and Vermont along with many cities no longer recognize Columbus Day.  Rather they mark the day with an alternative holiday or observance with most celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

While many Italian-Americans use the holiday to celebrate their heritage, history has not been kind to Christopher Columbus and other European explorers who followed for their treatment of Native Americans which has sparked the anti-Columbus Day movement.

It remains a state holiday in New Jersey meaning state offices, including Motor Vehicles will be closed.  Most public schools are closed but there are some that will be open while others give students the day off but use it for a professional day for teachers and staff.  Post offices are closed and there is no regular mail delivery and most banks will likely be closed today as well.

It is not usually a holiday for colleges and universities in New Jersey and clearly not one for us at WOBM.

Some other quick hitters on this Monday:

  • A brutal loss for the Giants who are 1-4 not just because of a 63 yard field goal as time expired but because they lack discipline and leadership and like many other teams don’t know how to tackle.
  • The Yankees are in great shape. I think they’ll win the next two nights at home and face Houston AGAIN in the ALCS. Aaron Judge is a beast and clearly the face of the franchise.
  • If Rutgers does not beat Maryland Saturday I don’t see them winning another game and will finish the season 1-11. There is no way to spin that…it’s simply ugly.

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