Today seemed like a good day to pass along something I came across from Diane Lang, a therapist, author and positive living expert.

Kevin Williams chooses happiness (Facebook)

Frankly I don’t know what makes someone an authority on positive living accept that clearly I am not. Ms. Lang insists that happiness is a choice and it’s possible to be happy every single day.

She believes that we are supposed to be happy and all we have to do is think back to when we were younger to realize that as kids we enjoyed life. Young kids don’t worry what others think or say about them, they don’t look for acceptance or try to fit in but rather they laugh at their own jokes, sing out loud and don’t care.

However much of that changes as we get older and reality sets in. We try to fit in with our peers, we try to please our parents and of course deal with the pressures of school, work, family, friends and relationships. All of that makes it hard to stay happy. So as per Lang I offer her 8 tips to happiness:

1. Happiness is a choice. Make the decision or choice that you will be happy,
Think of this as like starting a diet or exercise program and start a contract with yourself to be happy. The other option is to choose sadness.

2. Being in a committed relationship is very important. The happiest people are in a loving, committed relationship. They feel a sense of trust, security and stability with their partner.

3. The older we get the happier we get because as we older we get more confident. We worry less about what others think and enjoy being in our own company. We become more secure in our careers and relationships.

4. Let it be. We spend so much time trying to analyze and fix things that we get stuck in a vicious cycle of thinking too much. Stop worrying about what could go wrong and saying “what if.” Just spend that time appreciating and enjoying life instead of letting it just pass you by.

5. Have faith in whatever you believe in. Whether it’s a faith in god, a higher purpose, higher being, whatever…it does not matter but just have faith. The most important type of faith is faith in yourself.

6. Be social. Social life seems to be one of the most important factors in being happy as the more connected we are to others, the happier we are.

7. Break free from your past as your past does not equal your future. In other words don’t assume that where you came from and what you were should limit where you are going. Choose to believe there is something better out there for you.

8. Don’t over think everything. Be still and calm…the answer will come.

If I could add a 9th tip. Hit the lottery…big.