Jimmy Chitwood did not need a buzzer-beater to win this championship.  HOOSIERS has been chosen by Shore Sports Network followers as the Best Sports Movie of the Last 50 Years with a convincing victory over RUDY in the finals.  The 1986 film about a basketball team from a small Indiana High School garnered 291 votes in the final round to 166 for the gridiron classic.

HOOSIERS, which starred Gene Hackman as fictional coach Norman Dale, was a regional #1 seed in the original field of 64 movies and beat Air Bud, Moneyball, The Sandlot, A League of Their Own, Rocky and Rudy.  The film is loosely based on the true story of the 1954 Milan High School team which did win the Indiana state championship despite having an enrollment of just 161 students.

We thank you for playing along in our movie bracket madness over the past couple of weeks.

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