It may only be July, but in addition to 'back to school' supply sales, you've probably already seen merchandize from our local NFL teams being pushed at your major retail stores.  Of course, the colors and logos that you are seeing is in large part based on your geographic location to New York or Philadelphia.

Our area is always tricky because not only is our distance between the two major cities about equal, but New York splits us up even more by having 2 franchises.  While there is no doubt where allegiances lie in most other parts of the country, it can be a challenge establishing a true 'home team' at the Jersey Shore.

We are on a mission to find out which NFL franchise has the largest fanbase in our area.

Of course, regardless of your allegiance, be sure to keep it with 105.7 The Hawk all season long - your official home of the New York Jets at the Jersey Shore!