Meet The Experts

Garden State Hearing & Balance Center (GSHBC) was established in 1990 as one of the premier Hearing and Balance Centers in Central New Jersey. The Director of the Center is Dr. Isidore Kirsh, a board-certified Audiologist and licensed hearing aid dispenser. Dr. Kirsh has over twenty years of experience in most areas of hearing care including digital amplification, dizziness assessmenttinnitus evaluation, and central auditory processing evaluation. GSHBC has offices in Toms River, Whiting, and Manahawkin. GSHBC accepts most major insurances and our staff is always available to answer any question you may have regarding your hearing healthcare needs.

If you suspect the person you are speaking with has a hearing loss, the following tips may enhance communication:

  • Sit or stand within three feet to maximize audibility
  • Remain at eye level to foster visual cues
  • Gain the person's attention before speaking
  • Use facial expressions and gestures to give clues to the meaning of your message
  • Raise your voice but do not shout because loud speech may sound distorted
  • Speak slowly and distinctly
  • Use short, simple sentences
  • Rephrase your words if the person does not appear to understand or responds inappropriately
  • Avoid speaking directly into the person's ear because it can distort your message and hide all visual clues