Al Leiter is one of New Jersey's great baseball stories.  Born in Toms River, a native of Berkeley Township, and a graduate of Central Regional High School; Al was drafted by the New York Yankees and went on to become a major league baseball star. Today, his legacy continues on locally.

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After a career that included 2 all-star selections, one with the Florida Marlins and one with the New York Mets, 3 World Series Championships, and a no-hitter, Al Leiter has given back to this great community. My son is one of the thousands that's played at "Leiter Field" in Bayville, named in honor of Al and his brother Mark, another ex-baseball pro.  Without their support, this field would not be possible.  And without the success of Mark, Al, or Todd Frazier, perhaps our area wouldn't be known as such a baseball hot spot.

Whether you are a Yankees or Mets fan, I think everyone can be proud of the work Al did on the mound in the majors and the work he's done to support our area.  Why?  Featured on YES Network, Al stated, "this was a great place to grow up.  There was a sense of community and family.  I really felt that the neighbors, your friends, the community as a whole was kind of behind you,"

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