*All stats submitted by Shore Conference coaches. If a team’s stats are not included, they were not sent by the coach. Any coaches with stat updates or corrections, send them to bob.badders@townsquaremedia.com. Corrections are only accepted from coaches.

Final Stats

2017 Statistical Leaders
ScoringTDPATFG2-ptTotal points
Mayfield, Manalapan48000282
Worthy, Freehold41000246
Lucas, RFH33000198
Fara, Point Boro24000144
Brantley, Howell19000114
Bair, Red Bank Catholic18000108
Giresi, Lacey18000108
McNally, Wall18000108
Buchanan, SJV17000102
Cipriano, Point Boro17000102
Abrams, Asbury Park1600096
Z. Jones, Lakewood1400696
Morgan, Manasquan1600096
Sterling, SJV1600096
J. Jones, Lakewood1400594
Clark, Donovan Catholic1500090
Ingram, Mater Dei1500090
Corbett, Long Branch1500090
Handy, Howell3467085
Burton, Pinelands1400084
Thorpe, Brick Memorial1400084
Chiarello, Point Boro5480078
Groschel, Brick1300078
Hurler, Freehold0663075
Robbins, Middletown North1200174
Chambers, Central1200072
Welsh, Middletown North1200072
Maldjian, RFH1200072
Forman, SJV0564068
Noguera, Mater Dei1100066
Morales, Howell1100066
Netterman, Brick Memorial1000162
Yates, Point Beach1000162
Cotton, Barnegat1000060
Fitzgerald, Monmouth1000060
Martin, Keansburg1000060
Ward, Manchester1000060
O’Hara, Red Bank Catholic0493058
Gelb, Manalapan0570057
Chambers, Howell900054
Devaney, Mater Dei900054
Gallo, Holmdel900054
Gordon, Point Boro900054
Lett, Manchester900054
Morris, Barnegat900054
Richardson, Pinelands800252
J. Miele, Southern800150
Spann, Matawan800150
Buccine, Raritan800048
Campbell, Middletown North800048
Glenn, Manchester800048
Webber, Point Beach700246
East, SJV700144
Alston, Marlboro700042
Daniels, SJV700042
Davis, Freehold700042
Fosque, Long Branch700042
Guidetti, Red Bank Catholic700042
Lubischer, Red Bank Catholic700042
Mitchell, Red Bank700042
Montague, Long Branch0302042
Scott, Wall700042
Shimonovich, Jackson Memorial700042
Sindel, Brick Memorial700042
Wollner, Keyport700042
Wyche, Jackson Liberty700042
Worthy, Freehold3452,86041
Mayfield, Manalapan2032,68146
Lucas, RFH2202,19631
Fara, Point Boro2081,62824
Chambers, Central2531,43811
Corbett, Long Branch2651,42214
Buchanan, SJV1521,39317
Thorpe, Brick Memorial2201,37214
Fitzgerald, Monmouth1661,34610
Morgan, Manasquan2541,34116
Giresi, Lacey2091,30017
Ingram, Mater Dei1811,25115
Z. Jones, Lakewood1331,24412
Alston, Marlboro2131,2337
McNally, Wall1771,19017
Welsh, Middletown North1531,16211
Bair, Red Bank Catholic791,08715
Burton, Pinelands1731,06114
Gallo, Holmdel1381,0179
Cotton, Barnegat2081,01510
Ward, Manchester1321,01510
Clark, Donovan Catholic14295015
Mauriello, Colts Neck1459376
Richardson, Pinelands999176
Spann, Matawan1629177
Buccine, Raritan1678717
Shimonovich, Jackson Memorial1708387
Lawson, Asbury Park1268325
Cipriano, Point Boro6982512
Frauenheim, Point Beach1217854
Otten, Toms River East1037596
Groschel, Brick1097468
Wollner, Keyport1487427
Morales, Howell11672510
Gordon, Point Boro1197088
J. Miele, Southern1166898
Akinlolu, Toms River South1256755
Abrams, Asbury Park536616
Chambers, Howell966569
McCrae, Shore1086536
Gallo IV, Toms River East1476456
Webber, Point Beach1026287
Sindel, Brick Memorial1096187
M. Mickens, Red Bank1376186
Sterling, SJV6861411
Riecks, Keansburg1026075
Maldjian, RFH7360510
Netterman, Brick Memorial606028
LaMountain, Holmdel1005976
Mitchell, Red Bank915916
Scott, Wall1385856
Guidetti, Red Bank Catholic665797
Spears, Jackson Liberty1465372
Glenn, Manchester935306
Nista, Point Beach1155145
Daniels, SJV605127
Antonucci, Manasquan914996
Lubischer, Red Bank Catholic504967
Alessi, Middletown South1054932
Johnson, Donovan Catholic814924
Pearson, Mater Dei4644
Birch, Manasquan1074576
Helff, Marlboro724374
Guglielmo, Southern564326
Williams, Matawan684265
Lett, Manchester974168
J. Krellin, Middletown South864045
Nasso, Freehold Twp.844043
Morales, Howell1412022,156248
Worthy, Freehold1432052,1062011
Wilkins, Long Branch1462292,053228
Lubischer, Red Bank Catholic921381,810186
Reardon, Freehold Twp.1332631,8022111
Pearson, Mater Dei1081571,78618
Glenn, Middletown North961651,6501212
Frauenheim, Point Beach881431,438144
Corcione, Manalapan851431,39794
Klaus, Lacey1121781,372104
Z. Jones, Lakewood621271,208186
Vital, Keansburg711351,195141
Daniels, SJV701221,175154
Moore, Marlboro981761,15663
Harby, RFH771371,14893
Catron, Jackson Liberty1131991,0791411
Clark, Donovan Catholic701251,011710
Finucan, Barnegat571051,01086
Tolmachewich, Jackson Memorial5610794485
Agostini, Asbury Park63107896134
Nungasser, Ocean6213689184
Scott, Wall7316785968
Kinsella, Middletown South6513880665
Navitsky, Red Bank7512480242
Gallo IV, Toms River East408275047
Twigg, Keyport6213172669
De Cicco, Holmel367462173
Fara, Point Boro366061172
J. Lombardo, Colts Neck428360634
Fowler, Central5010159957
Morris, Shore368858277
Brown, Pinelands389857834
Leblo, Brick254652263
Antonucci, Manasquan276541945
Rodriguez, Matawan4710041716
Ward, Manchester6310439652
Sindel, Brick Memorial173139062
Sacco, Ocean285637944
Deo, Southern205630635
Yates, Point Beach5397210
J. Jones, Lakewood6695413
Brantley, Howell4878513
Laney, Donovan Catholic367456
Lombana, Red Bank Catholic367214
Krauss, Freehold537136
Mazik, Howell337105
Fosque, Long Branch377047
Campbell, Middletown North296977
Morris, Barnegat386718
Devaney, Mater Dei506679
Marcus, Marlboro546662
Fields, Long Branch505856
Laricy, Freehold Twp.335476
Blacknall, Manalapan235112
Key, Red Bank Catholic195016
Johnson, Monmouth184857
O’Connor, RFH344844
Martin, Keansburg254748
Davis, Freehold234657
Cipriano, Point Boro254515
Groschel, Brick344515
Miick, Lacey384343
A. Dewise, Middletown North204251
T. Pena, Ocean264205
Kenneallly, Raritan153816
Bauman, Red Bank Catholic193805
East, SJV223787
Scherzer, Manalapan263743
Wyche, Jackson Liberty313717
Noguera, Mater Dei343594
Abrams, Asbury Park273588
Lightbourne, Keyport243523
Higgs, Asbury Park183363
Mitchell, Red Bank223301
D’Amore, Jackson Memorial133293
Clark, Long Branch273272
Zega, Middletown South293202
A. Lombardo, Colts Neck193172
Lewis, Mater Dei263104
Doherty, Freehold Twp.163074
Da Silva, Freehold273032
Kilmurray, Lacey232983
Byrne, Holmdel132974
Sterling, SJV132895
Silvia, Toms River East102873
Pendergist, Manasquan172763
Manfre, Freehold Township162751
Martorano, Central212604
Richardson, Pinelands92552
Wilson, Howell202522
Handy, Howell192523
Osterbye, Keansburg172503
PlayerPATs madePATs attemptedFGsLongPoints
Hurler, Freehold646833473
Forman, SJV566043668
Gelb, Manalapan67690-67
Handy, Howell465073267
O’Hara, Red Bank Catholic495733458
Chiarello, Point Boro48570-48
Unanski, Holmdel262954341
Johnson, Monmouth282844140
Hayes, Lacey363913339
McCombs, Brick Memorial34-0-34
Cavanagh, Middletown North33340-33
Montague, Long Branch262923032
Taptich, Freehold Twp.191943231
Hempstead, RFH27280-27
Marinelli, Toms River East212325027
Kallam, Keyport162033625
Pendergist, Manasquan2126124
Kaldrovics, Middletown South182023324
DiSalvo, Donovan Catholic22240-22
Black, Central91043721
Mulreed, Wall20260-20
Burkert, Jackson Memorial1422920
Jeannotte, Pinelands161913619
Guiro, Barnegat121823018
Reilly, Jackson Liberty160-16
Gould, Point Beach5633314
Wall, Point Beach111412014
Hem, Southern81012511
PlayerTotal tackles (solo+assists)
Woods, RFH155
Pearce, Manalapan143
Arnold, Long Branch131
Tallmadge, Brick131
Buchanan, SJV121
McKernan, Wall120
Weisman, Red Bank117
Tardogno, Manalapan114
Guarino, Monmouth111
Englehardt, Brick110
Williams, Matawan109
Ghinga, Jackson Memorial108
Romer, Point Boro107
Ansell, Red Bank Catholic104
Stokes, Freehold104
O’Bierne, Holmdel103
Simonson, Jackson Liberty103
Harrington, Central101
McKelvey, Brick Memorial101
Deieso, Manalapan100
Walker, SJV98
Hansen, Keyport97
Sieczkowski, Manalapan97
Bader, Freehold Township95
Lanzalotto, RFH95
Sullivan, RFH95
Emmets, Central93
Prus, Colts Neck92
Krauss, Freehold92
Columbia, Red Bank Catholic91
Goodall, Toms River East90
Jenks, Ocean89
Mimes, Long Branch87
Lezin, Lakewood86
Moran, Ocean86
Osterbye, Keansburg86
Suarez, Toms River South86
Wallrabe, Middletown North86
J. Krellin, Middletown South84
Ewan, Barnegat83
J. Jones, Lakewood83
Sillah, Mater Dei83
Ferrante, Toms River East82
Green, Donovan Catholic82
McCarthy, Jackson Memorial82
Benjamin, Jackson Memorial82
Johnson, Mater Dei81
Netterman, Brick Memorial79
Barry, Middletown North79
Carey, Marlboro78
Fabean, Manasquan78
Ford, Jackson Memorial78
Forsyth, RFH78
Smith, Long Branch78
Sherin, Long Branch77
Taylor, Manalapan76
Clarke, Monmouth75
Ferrisi, Mater Dei75
Vonderlinden, Brick Memorial74
Dennis, Long Branch74
Da Silva, Freehold73
Gonzalez, Central72
Larsen, Freehold72
Carey, Brick72
Abraham, Barnegat71
MacDonald, Keansburg71
Gordinier, Red Bank Catholic69
Woods, Freehold Township69
Chadwick, Lacey68
Gonzalez, Brick Memorial68
Schumacher, Monmouth68
Baldwin, Howell68
Blackwell, Toms River North67
Rife, Monmouth67
Roberts, Toms River South67
Malloy, Red Bank67
Conover, Toms River South66
Z. Jones, Lakewood66
Romano, Red Bank Catholic66
Carchio, Brick66
Coleman, Matawan65
Hutchinson, Brick Memorial65
Livolsi, Point Boro65
Moore, Asbury Park65
K. Turner, Red Bank65
Calhoun, Freehold65
Madej, Barnegat64
J. Miele, Southern64
Cofone, Middletown North64
Macclemmy, Central63
Stasiunas, Jackson Liberty63
Billingsley, Brick Memorial62
Celentano, Jackson Liberty62
Crespo, Keansburg62
Ja. Kauffman, Colts Neck62
Pfug, SJV62
Morin, Middletown North62
Kellett, Wall62
Cerruti, Long Branch61
Hurle, Jackson Memorial61
Nista, Point Beach61
Feinberg, RFH60
Ninger, RFH60
Warren, Central60
Everett, Freehold60
A. Dewise, Middletown North60
McAllister, RFH60
Campbell, Middletown North60
Johnson, Jackson Liberty59
Lewis, Pinelands60
Straniero, Matawan59
Victor, Colts Neck59
Barrillari, Middletown North59
Frauenheim, Point Beach59
McNamara, Point Boro59
Nocero, Donovan Catholic59
Porch, Long Branch59
Robbins, Middletown North59
Afflitto, RFH58
Rybaltowski, Freehold Township58
Tardy, Middletown South58
Handy, Howell58
Zenker, Middletown North58
Carr, Toms River East57
Godfrey, Barnegat57
Martin-Culet, Jackson Memorial57
Muratovic, Barnegat57
Ahmed, Toms River East56
Graves, Marlboro56
Miele, Manasquan56
Saghafi, Holmdel56
Piscope, Brick56
Melone, Freehold Township56
Henderson, Mater Dei56
Cleveland, Long Branch55
Gordon, Long Branch55
Levy, Long Branch55
Mandelbaum, Keyport55
Robinson, Keyport55
Groschel, Brick55
Shulman, Wall55
Burton, Pinelands54
James, Keyport54
Kucllack, Lacey54
Marcus, Marlboro54
Quartey, Freehold Township54
Wilson, Ocean54
Bolden, Marlboro 53
Richardson, Jackson Memorial53
Spann, Matawan53
Cavanagh, Middletown North53
Abrams, Asbury Park52
Ju. Kauffman, Colts Neck52
Rankin, Brick52
Morris, Long Branch52
Byrne, Holmdel50
Calabro, SJV50
Lowe, Ocean50
McGuigan, Brick50
Musawa, Barnegat50
Stoppiello, SJV50
Wilenta, Toms River East50
Ackerman, Wall50
Nista, Point Beach14
Malloy, Red Bank12
Densieski, SJV12
J. Krellin, Middletown South11
Lezin, Lakewood11
Cofone, Middletown North10
Rybaltowski, Freehold Township10
Mimes, Long Branch10
McNamara, Red Bank Catholic9
Everett, Freehold8.5
Pelino, Central8
Deieso, Manalapan8
DiSalvo, Donovan Catholic7
Hilla, Manasquan7
McAllister, RFH7
Benjamin, Jackson Memorial7
Sullivan, RFH7
Anderson, Manasquan6.5
Garrett, Brick6.5
Arnone, Red Bank6
Henderson, Mater Dei6
Hurle, Jackson Memorial6
Quartey, Freehold Township6
Spano, SJV6
Wright, Howell6
Calhoun, Freehold6
Gordon, Long Branch5.5
Musawa, Barnegat5.5
Smith, Long Branch5.5
Blackwell, Toms River North5
Columbia, Red Bank Catholic5
Dewise, Middletown North5
Dimaio, Shore5
Johnson, Jackson Liberty5
McCarthy, Jackson Memorial5
Tardy, Middletown South5
Taylor, Manalapan5
K. Turner, Red Bank5
Voss, Monmouth5
Robbins, Middletown North5
D’Anton, Manasquan4.5
A. Foreman, Manasquan4.5
Rosati, Shore4.5
Carchio, Brick4
Gordon, Point Boro4
Hanson, SJV4
Holler, Middletown North4
Z. Jones, Lakewood4
Prendergast, Howell4
Sillah, Mater Dei4
Urso, Howell4
Verardi, Freehold4
Warren, Central4
Woods, RFH4
Afflitto, RFH4
Manning, Freehold3.5
Morris, Barnegat3.5
Stokes, Freehold3.5
Zamot, Manchester3.5
Bader, Freehold Township3
Buchanan, SJV3
Canova, Middletown North3
Fabean, Manasquan3
Ferrante, Toms River East3
Ferrisi, Mater Dei3
Guarino, Monmouth3
Jenkins, Lakewood3
Johnson, Mater Dei3
Kemp, Matawan3
Martin-Culet, Jackson Memorial3
J. Miele, Southern3
Miele, Manasquan3
Parks, Central3
Pearce, Manalapan3
Robinson, Mater Dei3
Rose, Jackson Memorial3
Stoppiello, SJV3
Suarez, Toms River South3
Tardogno, Manalapan3
Vernon, RFH3
Walker, SJV3
Z. Jones, Lakewood9
Ansell, Red Bank Catholic5
Silvia, Toms River East5
Quddus, Colts Neck5
Groschel, Brick5
Banks, Central4
Ghinga, Jackson Memorial4
M. Krellin, Middletown South4
Mazik, Howell4
Pearce, Manalapan4
Pendergist, Manasquan4
McGuigan, Brick4
Abraham, Barnegat3
Abrams, Asbury Park3
Brantley, Howell3
Callander, Point Boro3
Chadwick, Lacey3
Cofer, Wall3
Da Silva, Freehold3
J. Jones, Lakewood3
Laney, Donovan Catholic3
Lotito, Middletown South3
MacDonald, Keansburg3
Mandelbaum, Keyport3
Romano, Red Bank Catholic3
Tolmachewich, Jackson Memorial3
Worthy, Freehold3
Points per game
St. John Vianney43.7
Red Bank Catholic39.8
Rumson-Fair Haven35.7
Point Boro32.5
Mater Dei Prep30.2
Middletown North28.7
Long Branch27.5
Brick Memorial25.8
Point Beach22.6
Donovan Catholic21
Asbury Park20.8
Toms River East19.3
Freehold Township19.2
Jackson Memorial18.6
Middletown South14.4
Jackson Liberty13.3
Red Bank13.1
Colts Neck12.9
Toms River South11.3
Toms River North9.6
Points allowed per game
Asbury Park12.8
Point Boro12.9
Rumson-Fair Haven13.8
Jackson Memorial14.3
Mater Dei Prep15.9
Middletown South17.8
Long Branch18
Freehold Township18.5
Brick Memorial18.8
St. John Vianney19.2
Point Beach20.9
Red Bank Catholic21.3
Middletown North22.3
Jackson Liberty23.2
Toms River South23.4
Toms River North24.4
Red Bank25.8
Colts Neck27.6
Toms River East28.4
Donovan Catholic29.1

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