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Wrestling Scoreboard-Client 2019



Manalapan 40, Jackson Liberty 27

Manalapan 52, Old Bridge 15

Jackson Liberty 45, Old Bridge 28



Collingswood Tournament

Brick, CBA

Team champion: Kingsway; 4th-CBA, 10th-Brick.

1st - 106: Evan Tallmadge (Brick); 126: Julian George (CBA); 132: Zander Silva (CBA); 145: Tyler Barrett (CBA)

3rd - 106: Nicholas Geissler (CBA)


East Brunswick Bear Invitational

Freehold Township, Matawan, Point Berach

Team champion: Point Beach; 3rd-Matawan, 5th-Freehold Township

1st - 113: Liam Flanagan (Freehold Township); 120: David Rubin (Matawan); 126: Lee Rubin (Matawan); 132: Kamrin O'Neill (Matawan); 145: Jesse Bowers (Point Beach); 152: Adam Coleman (Matawan); 160: Jason Schulz (Point Beach); 170: George Kaiafas (Point Beach); 182: Jason Sherlock (Point Beach); 220: Liam Buday (Point Beach)

2nd - 132: Riley Simon (Point Beach); 145: David Quinlan (Matawan); 220: Jarrid Markowitz (Freehold Township)

3rd - 106: Teddy Jarahian (Point Beach); 138: Kip Lovgren (Point Beach); 170: Ryan Calo (Matawan); 285: Noah Ramos (Point Beach).


Egg Harbor Tournament


Team champion: Monroe; 5th-Central

1st - 138: Tyler Pepe; 145: Joe Zaccaro

2nd - 

3rd - 126: Jack Condello


Mustang Classic

Brick Memorial, Colts Neck, Freehold, Long Branch, Middletown North, Ocean, St. John Vianney, Wall

Most Outstanding Wrestler: Ryan Zimmerman (Long Branch)


113: 1-Tyler Klnsky (Middletown North) md. 2-Clayton Utter (High Point), 16-7

120: 1-Vincent Santaniello (Brick Memorial) d. 3-Fred Luchs (Middletown North), 6-1

126: 2-Georgio Mazzeo (Paulsboro) d. 4-Michael Richardson (Brick Memorial), 3-1

132: 2-Devon Leibl (High Point) p. 1-Nico Messina (Freehold), 2:20

138: 2-Ryan Zimmerman (Long Branch) p. 1-Jacob Eli-Perez (Paulsboro), 1:50

145: 2-Billy Talmadge (High Point) d. 1-Elijah White (Mountain View), 8-2

152: 2-Nicholas Vargas (Wall) d. 8-Jared Schoppe (Delsea), 9-3

160: 1-Anthony Spera (Mount Olive) d. 7-Alex Marshall (St. Augustine), 3-1

170: 1-Brian Soldano (High Point) d. 2-Joe Colon (Brick Memorial), 9-3

182: 1-Brandon Green (Paulsboro) md. 2-Luke Rada (Colts Neck), 9-1

195: 1-David Szuba (Brick Memorial) d. 2-Kenny Koenig (Colts Neck), 14-8

220: 2-Nico Cerbo (Middletown North) d. 1-Stone Summers (Mountain View), 7-5

285: 2-Thomas Lidondici (Colts Neck) d. 1-Joe Teresi (Ocean), 3-2

106: 2-Anthony Santaniello (Brick Memorial) p. 5-Joe Giordano (St. John Vianney), 3:12




2-Anthony Santaniello (Brick Memorial) p. Kaden Naame (St. Augustine), 3:38

5-Joe Giordano (St. John Vianney) d. 1-Michael Lyristis (Colts Neck), 8-2


2-Clayton Utter (High Point) md. 3-Cole Meyer (Wall), 11-2

1-Tyler Klinsky (Middletown North) md. D'amani Almodover (St. Augustine), 19-8


1-Vincent Santaniello (Brick Memorial) p. 4-Chase Stehman (Daniel Boone), 4:26

3-Fred Luchs (Middletown North) p. 2-Eli Novoselov (Colts Neck), 1:23


4-Michael Richardson (Brick Memorial) d. 1-Thomas O'Keefe (Middletown North), 2-1 2OT

2-Georgio Mazzeo (Paulsboro) d. 3-Jon Prendergast (Highland), 4-2


1-Nico Messina (Freehold) d. 12-Brock Zurawski (St. Augustine) 8-4

2-Devon Leibl (High Point) d. 3-Ryan Smith (Brick Memorial), 7-2


1-Jacob Eli-Perez (Paulsboro) md. 5-Logan Waller (Colts Neck), 9-3

2-Ryan Zimmerman (Long Branch) d. 3-Jack Nies (Ocean), 8-2


1-Elijah White (Mountain View) d. 4-Tim Spatola (Delsea), 5-1

2-Billy Talmadge (High Point) d. 3-Alex Poniros (Ocean), 5-2


8-Jared Schoppe (Delsea) p. 4-Michael Gagliardo (Freehold), 3:37

2-Nicholas Vargas (Wall) md. 3-Ryan Carey (Long Branch), 13-0


1-Anthony Spera (Mount Olive) d. 4-Shawn Williams (Paulsboro), 5-2

7-Alex Marshall (St. Augustine) d. 3-Asa Walton (Delsea), 2-0


1-Brian Soldano (High Point) p. Izaiah Otero (Highland), 1:20

2-Joe Colon (Brick Memorial) p. 3-Hunter Perez (Mount Olive), 3:45


1-Brandon Green (Paulsboro) p. 5-Colby Pyle (Daniel Boone), 1:24

2-Luke Rada (Colts Neck) d. 3-Blake Clayton (St. John Vianney), 9-4


1-David Szuba (Brick Memorial) p. Sean Van Wingerden (High Point), 0:54

2-Kenny Koenig (Colts Neck) 3-Gavin Camoia (Mount Olive), 10-8


1-Stone Summers (Mountain View) d. Justin Klass (High Point), 7-2

2-Nico Cerbo (Middletown North) md. 6-Alejandro Villaraga (Ocean), 8-0


1-Joe Teresi (Ocean) d. 5-Brandon Armstrong (Paulsboro), 6-4

2-Thomas Lidondici (Colts Neck) p. 3-Branden Jones (St. Augustine), 0:34



Overbrook Holiday Tournament


Team champion: Hammonton; 2nd-Barnegat

1st - 138: Michael DiPianta; 285: Griffin Jackstadt

2nd - 145: Kevin Fazio; 152: James Circle; 170: Mason Bayer; 182: Rashidi Alleyne;

3rd - 106: Dante Powell; 126: Miguel Sendecki; 160: TJ Crudup


Powerade Tournament

Ethan Liptzin (106) and Shane Reitsma (170) have reached the semifinals. Paul Jakub (152) and Justin Wright (285) are still in the consolation brackets. Howell is in eighth place as a team.

Reitsma will face DePaul's Connor O'Neil in the semifinals on Saturday. O'Neil was the state runner-up at 160 pounds last season and Reitsma was the state runner-up at 170 pounds last season.


Secaucus Patriot Invitational

Red Bank

Team champion: Livingston; 6th-Red Bank

1st - 126: Phil Stolfa

3rd - 220: Anthony Gaeta


Walter Woods Tournament, at Middletown South

Jackson Memorial, Middletown South, Point Boro, Raritan, Toms River South

Team champion: Jackson Memorial; 2nd-Point Boro, 3rd-Raritan, 5th-Middletown South, 9th-Toms River South.

1st - 113: Brett Blaess (Jackson); 132: Michael Holland (Middletown South); 138: Mike Lonnay (Raritan); 152: Jack Bailey (Point Boro); 170: Hunter Smith (Jackson); 220: Brad Galassi (Jackson); 285: Antonio Farias (Jackson)

2nd - 106: Jack Zaleski (Middletown South); 113: Lucas Sabo (Point Boro); 120: Luke Temple (Jackson); 126: Lance Hobbs (Jackson); 132: Jack Thompson (Point Boro); 138: Nick White (Jackson); 145: Luke Hamann (Jackson); 160: Ty Bailey (Point Boro); 182: Nick Aquilano (Raritan); 195: Kyle Epperly (Jackson); 285: Aswan Clarke (Raritan)

3rd - 106: Lucas Torre (Point Boro); 113: Alex Auletta (Raritan); 120: David Hussey (Middletown South); 138: Nick Holland (Middletown South); 152: Alex Quintano (Middletown South); 152: Shane Gibson (Toms River South); 160: Rob Lagravenis (Jackson); 170: Anthony Bailey (Raritan); 182: Mike Fiore (Jackson); 195: Sean Lane (Raritan); 220: Patrick Frawley (Point Boro)



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