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REGION 6, at Jackson Liberty

Brackets on TrackWrestling

Most Outstanding Wrestler: Donovan DiStefano, Wall

Coach of the Year: Doug Withstandley, Jackson Memorial



106: 1-Michael DiBiase (Wall) d. 2-Joey DeAngelo (Point Boro), 5-4

113: 1-Bobby Duffy (CBA) d. 2-Anthony Urso (Jackson Liberty), 5-1

120: 1-Xavier Ortega (Howell) d. 2-Tyler Venet (CBA), 4-0

126: 2-AJ Falcone (CBA) d.1-Sebastian Ortega (Howell), 3-1

132: 1-Anthony Santaniello (Brick Memorial) tf. 2-Giovanni Scafidi (Howell), 3:27 (16-1)

138: 1-Alex Nini (CBA) d. 2-Joe Giordano (Long Branch), 3-0

144: 1-Julian George (CBA) tf. 3-Kieran Bruen (Howell), 4:41 (19-3)

150: 2-Donovan DiStefano (Wall) d. 1-Tyler Barrett (CBA), 4-3 TB-2

157: 1-Zander Silva (CBA) p. 3-Jack Thompson (Point Boro), 1:47

165: 1-Anthony Lawrence (CBA) p. 2-Luke Hamann (Jackson Memorial), 2:42

175: 1-Harvey Ludington (Brick Memorial) tf. 2-Nick Stump (CBA), 3:49 (19-4)

190: 1-DJ Henry (Howell) d. 2-Jake Klein (Jackson Liberty), 3-0

215: 1-Robert Canterino (CBA) tf. 2-Colin Elam (Ewing), 3:50 (16-0)

285: 1-Ryan Fishcer (Jackson Memorial) d. 2-Kei'sun Sanders (Wall), 8-3


Third Place

106: Michael Napolitano (Brick Memorial) 19-9 won by decision over Joseph Weikel (Jackson Memorial Hs) 25-11 (Dec 2-0)

113: Frankie Burgio (Point Pleasant Boro) 31-6 won by fall over Charles Case (Allentown) 36-3 (Fall 1:27)

120: Tucker Pazinko (Jackson Liberty) 28-9 won by fall over Galiano Zeppadoro (Northern Burlington ( Columbus)) 26-7 (Fall 0:34)

126: Anthony Viscido (Robbinsville) 32-2 won by decision over Alexander Grant (Freehold Township) 28-8 (Dec 5-1)

132: Joe Dolci (Toms River North) 32-9 won by decision over Torey Falkinburg (Manasquan) 33-10 (Dec 7-6)

138: Angelo Messina (Freehold Borough) 34-3 won by fall over Nate Fletcher (Point Pleasant Boro) 29-9 (Fall 3:41)

144: James Farina (Ocean Township) 32-4 won by fall over Liam Flanigan (Freehold Township) 27-8 (Fall 3:19)

150: Cael Huxford (Jackson Memorial Hs) 16-2 won by decision over Mason Pirnik (Brick Memorial) 16-12 (Dec 9-4)

157: Nicholas Franzen (Notre Dame) 39-4 won by decision over Gavin Merkel (Howell) 26-10 (Dec 5-2)

165: Joesph Berryman (Freehold Borough) 27-9 won by fall over Trey Tallmadge (Brick Memorial) 16-10 (Fall 1:52)

175: Tornick Kajaia (Long Branch) 25-14 won by major decision over Richard Esterly (Robbinsville) 33-4 (MD 10-2)

190: Ben Szuba (Brick Memorial) 23-9 won by fall over Aidan Harrington (Freehold Township) 28-11 (Fall 1:25)

215: Justin Krosnicki (Jackson Memorial Hs) 11-8 won by decision over Nicholas Benjamino (Freehold Township) 31-9 (Dec 10-6)

285: Luis Valente (Jackson Liberty) 24-13 won by decision over Jacob Howland (Hamilton West) 29-3 (Dec 7-3)


Fifth Place

106: Armani McCann (Jackson Liberty) 24-11 won by fall over Ethan Michaels (Colts Neck) 26-11 (Fall 5:22)

113: Gavin Martin (Brick Memorial) 20-11 won by tech fall over Sam Sheridan (Freehold Borough) 21-16 (TF-1.5 3:40 (17-1))

120: James Renna (Long Branch) 26-14 won by decision over Luis Espinoza (Jackson Memorial Hs) 23-18 (Dec 14-7)

126: Peter Abline (Jackson Liberty) 22-13 won by decision over Jonathan Espinoza (Jackson Memorial Hs) 24-14 (Dec 9-5)

132: Michael Volek (Ocean Township) 31-8 won by fall over Nikko Rucci (Jackson Memorial Hs) 16-20 (Fall 5:04)

138: Tristan Pedre (Toms River North) 27-12 won by major decision over JJ Machnik (Howell) 27-12 (MD 13-1)

144: Tyler Russ (Colts Neck) 27-7 won by forfeit over Sam Scaturro (Point Pleasant Boro) 15-12 (For.)

150: Jordan Ayyash (Jackson Liberty) 26-12 won by forfeit over Logan Smith (Long Branch) 22-11 (For.)

157: Jack Rosta (Northern Burlington ( Columbus)) 25-12 won by forfeit over Maximus Bandelt (Jackson Liberty) 20-8 (For.)

165: Julien DeLorenzo (Bordentown Regional/Florence Township) 27-10 won by forfeit over Joe Layton (Colts Neck) 25-7 (For.)

175: Gavin Dwyer (Ewing) 29-12 won by decision over Dontae Bryan (Hamilton West) 26-7 (Dec 4-3)

190: Amir Shakhnavazov (Colts Neck) 26-10 won by decision over Peter Grippo (Christian Brothers Academy) 13-18 (Dec 4-0)

215: Pasquale Stanco (Allentown) 28-10 won by fall over Dane Colfer (Howell) 14-8 (Fall 3:23)

285: Thomas Richards (Howell) 27-12 won by fall over Mark Godsil (Long Branch) 24-14 (Fall 4:55)

Wrestleback Semifinals (Winners qualify for state tournament)


Joseph Weikel (Jackson Memorial Hs) 25-10 won by decision over Ethan Michaels (Colts Neck) 26-10 (Dec 12-5)

Michael Napolitano (Brick Memorial) 18-9 won by decision over Armani McCann (Jackson Liberty) 23-11 (Dec 5-2)


Frankie Burgio (Point Pleasant Boro) 30-6 won by fall over Gavin Martin (Brick Memorial) 19-11 (Fall 1:59)

Charles Case (Allentown) 36-2 won by fall over Sam Sheridan (Freehold Borough) 21-15 (Fall 4:36)


Galiano Zeppadoro (Northern Burlington ( Columbus)) 26-6 won by major decision over Luis Espinoza (Jackson Memorial Hs) 23-17 (MD 13-0)

Tucker Pazinko (Jackson Liberty) 27-9 won by decision over James Renna (Long Branch) 25-14 (Dec 5-3)


Galiano Zeppadoro (Northern Burlington ( Columbus)) 26-6 won by major decision over Luis Espinoza (Jackson Memorial Hs) 23-17 (MD 13-0)

Tucker Pazinko (Jackson Liberty) 27-9 won by decision over James Renna (Long Branch) 25-14 (Dec 5-3)


Joe Dolci (Toms River North) 31-9 won by tech fall over Nikko Rucci (Jackson Memorial Hs) 16-19 (TF-1.5 5:14 (17-2))

Torey Falkinburg (Manasquan) 33-9 won by decision over Michael Volek (Ocean Township) 30-8 (Dec 4-2)


Angelo Messina (Freehold Borough) 33-3 won by fall over JJ Machnik (Howell) 27-11 (Fall 3:22)

Nate Fletcher (Point Pleasant Boro) 29-8 won in sudden victory - 1 over Tristan Pedre (Toms River North) 26-12 (SV-1 7-5)


Liam Flanigan (Freehold Township) 27-7 won by forfeit over Sam Scaturro (Point Pleasant Boro) 15-11 (For.)

James Farina (Ocean Township) 31-4 won by major decision over Tyler Russ (Colts Neck) 26-7 (MD 12-1)


Cael Huxford (Jackson Memorial Hs) 15-2 won by decision over Jordan Ayyash (Jackson Liberty) 25-12 (Dec 8-2)

Mason Pirnik (Brick Memorial) 16-11 won by decision over Logan Smith (Long Branch) 22-10 (Dec 5-2)


Gavin Merkel (Howell) 26-9 won by fall over Jack Rosta (Northern Burlington ( Columbus)) 24-12 (Fall 3:28)

Nicholas Franzen (Notre Dame) 38-4 won by fall over Maximus Bandelt (Jackson Liberty) 20-7 (Fall 3:14)


Joesph Berryman (Freehold Borough) 26-9 won by fall over Julien DeLorenzo (Bordentown Regional/Florence Township) 26-10 (Fall 1:15)

Trey Tallmadge (Brick Memorial) 16-9 won by decision over Joe Layton (Colts Neck) 25-6 (Dec 5-4)


Tornick Kajaia (Long Branch) 24-14 won by decision over Gavin Dwyer (Ewing) 28-12 (Dec 13-6)

Richard Esterly (Robbinsville) 33-3 won by decision over Dontae Bryan (Hamilton West) 26-6 (Dec 4-0)


Ben Szuba (Brick Memorial) 22-9 won by fall over Amir Shakhnavazov (Colts Neck) 25-10 (Fall 5:26)

Aidan Harrington (Freehold Township) 28-10 won by decision over Peter Grippo (Christian Brothers Academy) 13-17 (Dec 10-8)


Nicholas Benjamino (Freehold Township) 31-8 won by decision over Pasquale Stanco (Allentown) 27-10 (Dec 5-2)

Justin Krosnicki (Jackson Memorial Hs) 10-8 won by decision over Dane Colfer (Howell) 14-7 (Dec 6-2)


Luis Valente (Jackson Liberty) 23-13 won by decision over Thomas Richards (Howell) 26-12 (Dec 2-1)

Jacob Howland (Hamilton West) 29-2 won by decision over Mark Godsil (Long Branch) 24-13 (Dec 6-0)



1-Michael DiBiase (Wall) d. 4-Armani McCann (Jackson Liberty), 9-3

2-Joey DeAngelo (Point Boro) vs. 3-Joseph Weikel (Jackson Memorial), 5-0


1-Bobby Duffy (CBA) p. 5-Charles Case (Allentown), 1:06

2-Anthony Urso (Jackson Liberty) vs. 3-Frankie Burgio (Point Boro), 6-2


1-Xavier Ortega (Howell) vs. 4-James Renna (Long Branch), 2:18

2-Tyler Venet (CBA) d. 3-Galiano Zeppadoro (Northern Burlington), 4-2


1-Sebastian Ortega (Howell) d. 5-Anthony Viscido (Robbinsville), 2-1 TB-1

2-AJ Falcone (CBA) d. 3-Alexander Grant (Freehold Township), 6-0


1-Anthony Santaniello (Brick Memorial) p. 4-Torey Falkinburg (Manasquan), 0:15

2-Giovanni Scafidi (Howell) d. 3-Joe Dolci (Toms River North), 7-1


1-Alex Nini (CBA) tf. 5-Nate Fletcher (Point Boro), 3:52 (18-3)

2-Joe Giordano (Long Branch) p. 3-Angelo Messina (Freehold), 5:04


1-Julian George (CBA) tf. 4-Tyler Russ (Colts Neck), 5:43 (20-4)

3-Kieran Bruen (Howell) by medical forfeit over 10-Sam Scaturro (Point Boro)


1-Tyler Barrett (CBA) md. 5-Logan Smith (Long Branch), 12-1

2-Donovan DiStefano (Wall) vs. 3-Cael Huxford (Jackson Memorial), 5-1


1-Zander Silva (CBA) md. 5-Nicholas Franzen (Notre Dame), 10-2

3-Jack Thompson (Point Boro) vs. 7-Gavin Merkel (Howell), 4-1


1-Anthony Lawrence (CBA) p. 4-Joe Berryman (Freehold), 2:49

2-Luke Hamann (Jackson Memorial) vs. 3-Joe Layton (Colts Neck), 9-2


1-Harvey Ludington (Brick Memorial) vs. 4-Dontae Bryan (Hamilton West) 1:48

2-Nick Stump (CBA) vs. 6-Tornick Kajaia (Long Branch), 3:59


1-DJ Henry (Howell) p. 5-Amir Shakhanavazov (Colts Neck), 5:11

2-Jake Klein (Jackson Liberty) p. 6-Aidan Harrington (Freehold Township), 3:28


1-Robert Canterino (CBA) p. 4-Nick Benjamino (Freehold Township), 2:49

2-Colin Elam (Ewing) d. 3-Justin Krosnicki (Jackson Memorial), 6-3


1-Ryan Fischer (Jackson Memorial) d. 4-Jacob Howland (Hamilton West), 9-1

2-Kei'sun Sanders (Wall) vs. 3-Luis Valente (Jackson Liberty), 3-2

Consolation Round 1


Ethan Michaels (Colts Neck) 26-10 won by fall over Alex Provines (Christian Brothers Academy) 12-13 (Fall 5:06)

Michael Napolitano (Brick Memorial) 18-9 won by fall over Rocco Giangeruso (Northern Burlington ( Columbus)) 27-9 (Fall 3:03)


Gavin Martin (Brick Memorial) 19-11 won by decision over Michael McGarigle (Northern Burlington ( Columbus)) 15-17 (Dec 6-0)

Sam Sheridan (Freehold Borough) 21-15 won by decision over Nick Cavallo (Monroe Township) 22-14 (Dec 6-1)


Luis Espinoza (Jackson Memorial Hs) 23-16 won by fall over Luke DeBenedett (Point Pleasant Beach Hs) 27-10 (Fall 1:07)

Tucker Pazinko (Jackson Liberty) 26-9 won by fall over Joshua Shumsky (Monroe Township) 27-11 (Fall 1:28)


Jonathan Espinoza (Jackson Memorial Hs) 24-12 won by decision over Anthony Caponegro (Monroe Township) 23-16 (Dec 7-4)

Peter Abline (Jackson Liberty) 21-12 won by decision over Michael O`Connor (Manasquan) 31-9 (Dec 4-3)


Nikko Rucci (Jackson Memorial Hs) 16-18 won by decision over Dominick Interrante (Wall Hs) 21-13 (Dec 7-4)

Michael Volek (Ocean Township) 30-7 won by major decision over Christopher Cropanese (Hightstown) 31-10 (MD 11-3)


JJ Machnik (Howell) 27-10 won by fall over Lucas Lipari (Jackson Memorial Hs) 21-9 (Fall 3:42)

Tristan Pedre (Toms River North) 26-11 won by decision over Brody Elk (Brick Memorial) 19-14 (Dec 5-1)


Liam Flanigan (Freehold Township) 27-7 won by decision over Christopher Wolf (Jackson Memorial Hs) 12-18 (Dec 9-4)

James Farina (Ocean Township) 30-4 won by fall over Alex Messinger (Robbinsville) 26-10 (Fall 0:48)


Jordan Ayyash (Jackson Liberty) 25-11 won by decision over Ryan Acquisto (Point Pleasant Boro) 29-9 (Dec 10-3)

Mason Pirnik (Brick Memorial) 15-11 won by decision over Ty Koch (Shore Regional) 29-9 (Dec 4-3)


Jack Rosta (Northern Burlington ( Columbus)) 24-11 won by fall over Quincy Esannason (Neptune) 29-5 (Fall 1:01)

Maximus Bandelt (Jackson Liberty) 20-6 won by forfeit over Andrew Fata (Freehold Borough) 23-8 (For.)


Trey Tallmadge (Brick Memorial) 15-9 won by fall over Spencer Gangel (Northern Burlington ( Columbus)) 8-12 (Fall 3:51)

Julien DeLorenzo (Bordentown Regional/Florence Township) 26-9 won by decision over Michael Poniros (Ocean Township) 30-8 (Dec 3-2)


Gavin Dwyer (Ewing) 28-11 won by decision over Omar Cholula-Conde (Monroe Township) 23-15 (Dec 9-7)

Richard Esterly (Robbinsville) 32-3 won by major decision over Elliot Morris (Hamilton East-Steinert) 18-12 (MD 11-2)


Peter Grippo (Christian Brothers Academy) 13-16 won by fall over Paul Novello (Jackson Memorial Hs) 10-8 (Fall 2:59)

Ben Szuba (Brick Memorial) 21-9 won by tech fall over Luke Cox (Allentown) 26-9 (TF-1.5 4:19 (15-0))


Dane Colfer (Howell) 14-6 won by fall over Nick Levach (Bordentown Regional/Florence Township) 32-5 (Fall 3:17)

Pasquale Stanco (Allentown) 27-9 won by fall over Kareem Fayed (Jackson Liberty) 21-16 (Fall 3:07)


Thomas Richards (Howell) 26-11 won by fall over Noah Mammeri (Manasquan) 30-10 (Fall 4:52)

Mark Godsil (Long Branch) 24-12 won by fall over Jack Runner (Bordentown Regional/Florence Township) 25-10 (Fall 1:36)



1-Michael DiBiase (Wall) p. 9-Ethan Michaels (Colts Neck), 0:24

4-Armani McCann (Jackson Liberty) d. 5-Alex Provines (CBA), 7-4

3-Joseph Weikel (Jackson Memorial) p. 6-Rocco Giangeruso (Northern Burlington), 3:37

2-Joey DeAngelo (Point Boro) md. 7-Michael Napolitano (Brick Memorial), 8-0


1-Bobby Duffy (CBA) md. 8-Michael McGarigle (Northern Burlington), 10-0

5-Charles Case (Allentown) p. 4-Gavin Martin (Brick Memorial), 4:42

3-Frankie Burgio (Point Boro) tf. 6-Sam Sheridan (Freehold), 1:50 (17-0)

2-Anthony Urso (Jackson Liberty) p. 7-Nick Cavallo (Monroe), 1:23


1-Xavier Ortega (Howell) p. 8-Luke DeBenedett (Point Beach). 2:43

4-James Renna (Long Branch) md. 5-Luis Espinoza (Jackson Memorial), 17-5

3-Galiano Zeppadoro (Northern Burlington) md. 6-Joshua Shumsky (Monroe), 14-0

2-Tyler Venet (CBA) d. 7-Tucker Pazinko (Jackson Memorial), 7-0


1-Sebastian Ortega (Howell) tf. 9-Anthony Caponegro (Monroe), 3:26 (17-2)

5-Anthony Viscodo (Robbinsville) d. 4-Jonathan Espinoza (Jackson Memorial), 9-3

3-Alexander Grant (Freehold Township) d. 6-Michael O'Connor (Manasquan), 8-1

2-AJ Falcone (CBA) d. 7-Peter Abline (Jackson Liberty), 3-0


1-Anthony Santaniello (Brick Memorial) p. 8-Dominick Interrante (Wall), 0:55

4-Torey Falkinburg (Manasquan) md. 5-Nikko Rucci (Jackson Memorial), 9-1

3-Joe Dolci (Toms River North) md. 6-Christopher Cropanese (Hightstown), 13-2

2-Giovanni Scafidi (Howell) tf. 7-Boomer Volek (Ocean), 5:53 (17-1)


1-Alex Nini (CBA) p. 8-JJ Machnik (Howell), 5:34

Nate Fletcher (Point Boro) d. Lucas Lipari (Jacson Memorial), 3-1

3-Angelo Messina (Freehold) p. 6-Tristan Pedre (Toms River North), 3:01

2-Joe Giordano (Long Branch) tf. 6-Brody Elk (Brick Memorial, 6:00 (19-2)


1-Julian George (CBA) p. 8-Christopher Wolf (Jackson Memorial), 1:07

4-Tyler Russ (Colts Neck) d. 5-Liam Flanigan (Freehold Township), 6-4

3-Kieran Bruen (Howell) tf. 6-Alex Messinger (Robbinsville), 4:41 (16-1)

10-Sam Scaturro (Point Boro) by DQ over 2-James Farina (Odean) - (Illegal slam)


1-Tyler Barrett (CBA) md. 9-Jorday Ayyash (Jackson Liberty), 21-7

5-Logan Smith (Long Branch) d. 4-Ryan Acquisto (Point Boro), 6-5

3-Cael Huxford (Jackson Memorial) tf. 6-Mason Pirnik (Brick Memorial), 5:07 (19-3)

2-Donovan DiStefano (Wall) md. 7-Ty Koch (Shore), 17-7


1-Zander Silva (CBA) p. 8-Quincy Esannason (Neptune), 3:02

5-Nicholas Franzen (Notre Dame) d. 4-Jack Rosta (Northern Burlington), 9-2

3-Jack Thompson (Point Boro) p. 6-Andrew Fata (Freehold), 5:43

7-Gavin Merkel (Howell) p. 2-Max Bandelt (Jackson Liberty), 1:43


1-Anthony Lawerence (CBA) p. 8-Trey Tallmadge (Brick Memorial), 0:53

4-Joe Berryman (Freehold) md. 5-Spencer Gangel (Northern Burlington), 17-8

3-Joey Layton (Colts Neck) p. 11-Julien DeLorenzo (Bordentown/Florence), 1:33

2-Luke Hamann (Jackson Memorial) p. 7-Michael Poniros (Ocean), 2:58


1-Harvey Ludington (Brick Memorial) p. Gavin Dwyer (Ewing), 0:22

4-Dontae Bryan (Hamilton West) d. 5-Omar Cholula-Conde (Monroe), 5-2

6-Tornick Kajaia (Long Branch) md. 3-Richard Esterly (Robbinsville), 12-4

2-Nick Stump (CBA) p. 10-Elliot Morris (Steinert), 4:16


1-DJ Henry (Howell) p. 8-Paul Novello (Jackson Memorial), 3:03

5-Amir Shakhanavazov (Colts Neck) d. 4-Peter Grippo (CBA), 5-3 SV

6-Aidan Harrington (Freehold Township) p. 3-Ben Szuba (Brick Memorial), 2:44

2-Jake Klein (Jackson Liberty) p.10-Luke Cox (Allentown), 0:58


1-Robert Canterino (CBA) p. Dane Colfer (Howell), 0:45

4-Nick Benjamino (Freehold Township) d. 5-Nick Levach (Bordentown/Florence), 5-4

3-Justin Krosnicki (Jackson Memorial) d. 6-Pasquale Stanco (Allentown), 10-4

2-Colin Elam (Ewing) p. 10-Kareem Fayed (Jackson Liberty), 4:55


1-Ryan Fischer (Jackson Memorial) p. 9-Noah Mammeri (Manasquan), 4:21

4-Jacob Howland (Hamilton West) d. 5-Thomas Richard (Howell), 6-3

3-Luis Valente (Jackson Liberty) d. 6-Mark Godsil (Long Branch), 4-1

2-Kei'sun Sanders (Wall) tf. 10-Jack Runner (Bordentown/Florence), 2:59 (16-0)



9-Ethan Michaels (Colts Neck) d. 8-Josh Renna (Long Branch), 4-3

5-Alex Provines (CBA) p. 12-Trevor Doremus (Shore), 0:34

4-Armani McCann (Jackson Liberty) tf. 13-Saran Siva (Lawrence), 2:48 (22-4)

6-Rocco Giangeruso (Northern Burlington) p. 11-Josiah Sweeney (Freehold), 0:55


8-Michael McGarigle (Northern Burlington) p. 9-Jack Kane (Hightstown), 2:48

3-Frankie Burgio (Point Boro) p. 14-Aidan Loughran (Point Beach), 2:16 (16-0)

6-Sam Sheridan (Freehold) p. 11-Charles Mahoney (Wall), 2:39

2-Anthony Urso (Jackson Liberty) p. 15-Ryan Beharry (Long Branch), 1:15


8-Luke Debenedett (Point Beach) d. 9-Andrew O'Reilly (Robbinsville), 6-4

5-Luis Espinosa (Jackson Memorial) p. 12-Saul Marin (Lakewood), 3:32

6-Joshua Shumsky (Monroe) d. 11-Connor Urig (Allentown), 12-5

7-Tucker Pazinko (Jackson Liberty) md. 10-Ryan Walsh (Monmouth), 9-0


9-Anthony Caponegro (Monroe) d. 8-PJ Niethe (Point Beach), 17-10

5-Anthony Viscido (Robbinsville) p. 12-Javier Guzman (Long Branch), 1:31

6-Michael O'Connor (Manasquan) tf. 11-Joshua Merendino (Lawrence), 4:22 (16-1)

7-Peter Abline (Jackson Liberty) p. 10-Ben Waitzel (Wall), 1:41


8-Dominick Interrante (Wall) d. 9-Giacomo Bottoni (Robbinsville) 5-2

4-Torey Falkinburg (Manasquan) tf. 13-Thomas Drea (Neptune), 2:29 (16-1)

6-Christopher Cropanese (Hightstown) md. 11-Joseph Leskowski (Brick), 11-1

7-Boomer Volek (Ocean) md. 10-Rommel Mendez (Lawrence), 11-2


8-JJ. Machnik (Howell) d. 9-Wyatt Olma (Monroe), 7-1

5-Nate Fletcher (Point Boro) d. 12-Collin Hartz (Bordentown/Florence), 5-0

6-Tristan Pedre (Toms River North) p. 11-Andrew Sherry (Brick), 2:56

7-Brody Elk (Brick Memorial) p. 10-Jack Madigan-Green (Notre Dame), 5:45


4-Tyler Russ (Colts Neck) p. 13-Jordan Blaise (West Windsor-Plainsboro South), 1:34

6-Alex Messinger (Robbinsville) d. 11-Jacob Van Der Horn (Nottingham), 9-3

10-Sam Scaturro (Point Boro) p. 7-Daniel Ramirez (Long Branch), 0:49

2-James Farina (Ocean) p. 15-Tommy Prince (Brick Memorial), 4:45


9-Jordan Ayyash (Jackson Liberty) d. 8-Devron Lewis (Hightstown), 8-2

4-Ryan Acquisto (Point Boro) p. 13-Eli Evans (Bordentown/Florence), 1:46

6-Mason Pirnik (Brick Memorial) d. 11-Nolan O'Grady (Robbinsville), 9-5

7-Ty Koch (Shore) d. 10-Hayden Joyce (Northern Burlington), 9-2


4-Jack Rosta (Northern Burlington) md. 13-Max Wright (Brick Memorial), 15-7

3-Jack Thomspon (Point Boro) p. 14-Ian Mallon (Brick), 1:26

7-Gavin Merkel (Howell) vs. 10-Will Kinsella (Wall)


5-Spencer Gangel (Northern Burlington) p. 12-Tyler Criscuolo (Point Boro), 3:06

4-Joe Berryman (Freehold) p. 13-Josh Candelaria (Brick), 0:12

11-Julian DeLorenzo (Bordentown/Florence) p. 6-Omar Ebrahim (Lawrence), 5:15

7-Michael Poniros (Ocean) d. 10-Christian Cunalata (Long Branch), 5-1


9-Gavin Dwyer (Ewing) p. 8-Morgan Peterson (New Egypt), 3:01

4-Dontae Bryan (Robbinsville) p. 13-Dean Natale (Colts Neck), 0:43

6-Tornick Kajaia (Long Branch) p. 11-Sam Yedman (Point Beach), 1:03

10-Elliot Morris (Steinert) p. 7-Griffin Goldmacher (Northern Burlington), 1:07


5-Amir Shakhanavazov (Colts Neck) p. 12-Giovanni Angilleta (Northern Burlington), 0:30

4-Peter Grippo (CBA) p. 13-Chris Guzzo (Monroe), 1:56

6-Aidan Harrington (Freehold Township) p. 11-Dream Hemingway (Steinert), 4:31

10-Luke Cox (Allentown) p. 7-Corey Norton (Shore), 1:50


8-Dane Colfer (Howell) d. 9-Bashaar Ismail (Shore), 7-3

3-Justin Krosnick (Jackson Memorial) md. 14-Will Renda (Notre Dame), 8-0

6-Pasqual Stanco (Allentown) p. 11-Tyler Taylor (Long Branch), 5:05

10-Kareem Fayed (Jackson Liberty) p. 7-Louis Bilardo (Steinert), 4:40


9-Noah Mammeri (Manasquan) d. 8-Jordan Lizardi (Brick Memorial), 5-3

5-Thomas Richard (Howell) d. 12-Nick Csillan (Notre Dame), 4-3 UTB

4-Jacob Howland (Hamilton West) d. 13-Kenneth Waugh (Ewing), 2-1

10-Jack Runner (Bordentown/Florence) p. 7-Anthony Goncalves (Brick), 2:22



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