Each week during the high school football season Turning Point breakfast, brunch & lunch will partner with the Shore Sports Network on “The Turning Point of the Game.” One play or one moment from our Friday Night Game of the Week broadcast will be selected and the player or players involved will each receive a gift card from the Turning Point which has 12 restaurant locations in New Jersey including 6 in Monmouth & Ocean County.

This week’s “Turning Point of the Game”:

With Wall trailing Rumson 3-0 late in the 3rd quarter the Crimson Knights mounted their first serious drive of the game. On a 3rd down and goal from the Bulldogs 3-yard line QB Logan Peters rolled to his right and found fullback Charlie Sasso in the end zone and connected with him for what would be the game-winning score as Wall would go on to upset Rumson 14-3.  For teaming up on the Turning Point of the Game both Peters and Sasso will receive a gift card from Turning Point breakfast, brunch & lunch.

Be sure and look every week for “The Turning Point of the Game.

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