After we won the regular season and clinched the number 1 seed going into the MAAC tournament in Albany, NY, there was an amazingly euphoric vibe throughout the locker room and campus as a whole. It gave us the confidence we needed to get over the hurdles of the people out there that doubted us from the beginning.

Im going to start by saying that in my entire life, all of the teams Ive had the pleasure of playing on, this team is by far my favorite. Every single person in a Monmouth jersey I consider my brother separated at birth. When we beat Rider on Friday, we were a step closer to our main goal all season, MAAC Tournament Champions. Our heads were screwed on straight and we were all looking in the right direction. Then we took down Fairfield to be on the cusp of this now elusive MAAC trophy. Heading into the championship game Monday night, which was on THE ESPN, the flagship network for sports, and being called by Jay Bilas and Dan Shulman, we were confident we would come out on top. Facing Iona for the 3rd time this season felt like it was going to be written in the stars. A nice victory at their spot, and a loss back at ours, I was personally thinking that now that this trophy is on the line, we would get it done and take that thing back to West Long Branch. Unfortunately, things dont work out as they do in your daydreams. Yeah, they are pretty cool to get lost in, and they can help you gain confidence and drive you to reach a goal that you want oh so badly. This team is special. Even though Iona got the best of us on the Times Union Center hardwood, it made us even hungrier to attack whatever is next for us. Whether it be the NIT or if we can catch this at large bid into the NCAA Tournament and go dancing for the first time since 2006.

Regardless of what this crazy life has in store for us next, I love these guys like its my real family. They are all special in their own way, and as a group, we have changed Monmouth Basketball forever. Not only is this the best group of guys Ive ever been around, but Coach Rice, Callahan, Woodward, Meeks, and Ferry are easily the best coaching staff I have ever had the opportunity to play for and be around on a daily basis. I owe everything to this team and the coaches. This year we set the record for most wins in a season, and have earned the right to cry after a loss. Each guy that steps onto the court leaves their blood, sweat, and tears on it, and it seeps into the wooden planks that make it up. So thank you to the wonderful fans and student body that has followed us on this amazing journey. The beautiful thing is, we are not done yet. Fly Hawks.