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Shore Conference Coaches' All-Division Teams and Awards

The following all-division selections and awards were voted on by the coaches of each division. No member of the Shore Sports Network Staff was involved in the selection process in any form. Check back next week for the Shore Sports Network All-Shore Team and Postseason Awards.

Note: All-division hitters and utility players with noteworthy pitching stats are also listed with the pitchers on each all-division team.

Class A North All-Division

Hitter of the Year: Chris Ellison, Sr., 2B, Howell
Pitcher of the Year: Ben Schild, So., RHP, Middletown South
Coach of the Year: Todd Smith, Freehold Township


CAnthony Matteis, Manalapan.357.477.57190211182
CGreg Trezza, Midd South.322.382.42241120177
1BChris Corchado, Freehold Twp.363.433.52535015254
1BJoe Stanzione, Freehold Twp.330.425.61881623300
INFChris Ellison, Howell.457.5451.012821128381
INFChris Marzo, Manalapan.391.500.483420241613
INFJoe Lomangino, Marlboro.337.421.446520241613
INFTom Guidice, Manalapan.380.457.557110115223
INFVin Impresa, Howell.400.440.62481321175
INFTyler Abbot, Long Branch.414.446.47140081514
OFZach Gorman, Freehold Twp.424.525.439100201113
OFAntonio Gatti, Howell.373.441.56662225164
OFFrank Talarico, Marlboro.358.463.49322118175
OFPatrick Eagone, Midd South.409.542.538711301914
DHNick Wright, Marlboro.375.485.450600241313
UTILDanny Frontera, Midd North.41852316157
UTILJack Frankovic, CBA.303.448.43952012712
UTILMatt Pontari, Midd South.330.426.50582220214



Ben Schild, Midd South56.2803117830.620.85
Matt Villapiano, Freehold Twp47713915601.941.15
Joe Mazza, Manalapan35512513471.201.09
Colin Dowlen, Midd North3442207571.030.79
Mark Capell, Marlboro45433112712.020.96
Tyler Kane, Manalapan40.1402734752.081.51
Danny Furlong, Howell44.252477392.821.21
Evan Wood, Midd South38.241386321.831.15
Danny Frontera, Midd North4132289731.540.90
Jack Frankovic, CBA2330209242.131.26
Matt Pontari, Midd South35322621402.401.34
Zach Gorman, Freehold Twp44.1434213432.681.24



Class A Central All-Division

Hitter of the Year: Dillon Downs, Sr., 1B/DH, Ocean
Pitcher of the Year: Shane Panzini, Sr., RHP, Red Bank Catholic
Coach of the Year: Buddy Hausmann, Red Bank Catholic


CNick Vaughn, Ocean.385.448.4874204192
CJustin Kilyk, Raritan.324.442.5359308110
1BTommy Turnbach, St. Rose.440.563.80071312193
1BFrank Scrivanic, RBC.360.480.45071026192
1BRob Scarola, Raritan.391.430.44831012610
INFAndrew Schmid, Rumson.348.453.46990124217
INFCharlie Tallman, Rumson.325.427.50061225207
INFMatt Scrivanic, RBC.308.450.49453224213
INFBrett Hilsheimer, Holmdel.409.464.5801201182314
INFSean Ettore, RBC.325.385.33710014146
INFKevin Novobilsky, Ocean.370.477.507701261611
OFAlex Dekis, Raritan.361.391.37310015189
OFChristian Zito, Monmouth.448.554.64262122176
OFThomas Elgrim, Rumson.380.422.583111326285
OFAlex Stanyek, RBC.380.471.60081426337
OFAnthony Borriello, RBC.349.433.43451022218
OFNick Callano, Ocean.377.494.652623221216
DHBrett Minto, Monmouth.426.516.57420211122
DHDillon Downs, Ocean.431.508.94180614262
UTILRylan Fegan, Shore.297.444.40613012155
UTILAndrew Woodward, Holmdel.437.495.63256024217
UTILBen Hutchins, Raritan.375.437.44431019116



Shane Panzini, RBC61.29026221150.910.78
Jake Umans, Holmdel57.244697442.311.32
Chris Gonzalez, Raritan47432832442.081.28
Dylan Wanagiel, RBC54.2615011352.301.12
Charlie Jones, Rumson46502922582.931.11
Lucky Perrotto, Ocean38.1413923462.741.62
Rylan Fegan, Shore24302223451.462.00
Ben Hutchins, Raritan43433612303.261.12
Nick Callano, Ocean20.121284392.751.57
Alex Stanyek, RBC13.20298252.051.24


Class A South All-Division

Hitter of the Year: Evan Agrapides, Sr., CF, Central
Pitcher of the Year: Zach Crotchfelt, Jr., LHP, Jackson Memorial
Coach of the Year: Jerry Frulio, Central


CZach Rogacki, Jackson Mem.326.448.395301321214
1BJohn Wade, Brick.280.348.40270114192
INFCharlie Meglio, Jackson Mem.378.448.610100316362
INFRyan Duffy, Brick.370.457.48130221115
INFRyan Mackle, TR South.379.467.57621319137
INFNick Mortellito, TR North.258.390.3645101384
INFTy Beck, Jackson Mem.325.476.57550531256
OFEvan Agrapides, Central.484.574.731914271911
OFReese Hackett, Brick Mem.447.523.500500241210
OFRyan Turner, Brick Mem.382.484.67192318266
OFAnthony Musso, Central.300.394.41311217175
OFTyler Madeo, TR South.289.357.3293009146
OFXavier Hendricks, Southern.328.429.478511181525
DHBobby Sabatino, TR East.358.443.45331011103
DHTrevor Coltenback, Central.295.370.39833021161
UTILCole Manfro, Brick Mem.393.441.5516409258
UTILCam Leiter, Central.308.388.44060223152
UTILJack Tava, TR North.203.272.284301983



Zach Crotchfelt, Jackson Mem41.1511623760.850.94
Matt Potok, Jackson Mem3441256551.850.91
Brandon Hulsart, Brick Mem39613923361.441.59
Brandon Valles, TR North52.2354020591.731.14
Aidan Folsom, TR South43.1403019390.971.20
Joe Schifilliti, TR South54.1635720372.451.45
Cole Manfro, Brick Mem60.1545022621.971.19
Cam Leiter, Central41.2412617682.021.03
Jack Tava, TR North43.1533119351.131.15
Ty Beck, Jackson Mem15.111103211.370.85
Charlie Meglio, Jackson Mem16.122227203.861.78
John Wade, Brick30442916323.271.50


Class B North All-Division

Hitter of the Year: Max Kaplan, Sr., LF, Wall
Pitcher of the Year: Brian Young, Sr., LHP, Neptune
Co-Coaches of the Year: Jim Rochford (Wall) and Mike Yorke (Colts Neck)


CMax Harrell, Wall.326.422.44251110200
CJoe Cilea, Colts Neck.351.505.4864303290
INFGus Dal Pra, Red Bank.435.487.49340014176
INFBrady Oswick, SJV.386.410.49141012115
INFRyan Cole, Neptune.397.481.556701142010
INFGabe Cavazzoni, Wall.403.500.59782127288
INFJay Bant, Wall.383.519.50640229243
OFBrett Patten, Manasquan.298.528.42622016616
OFSean O'Mara, Red Bank.364.412.494511181112
OFMax Kaplan, Wall.392.538.63370430207
OFNick Lovarco, Wall.397.500.65851426267
OFBrad Salamone, Colts Neck.369.495.560812321911
DHAndrew Fischer, Wall.409.600.78873426213
DHCameron Knipp, Colts Neck.383.435.606112225149
UTILChris Casale, Freehold Boro
UTILMike Caldon, Matawan.274.437.38710210182



Brian Young, Neptune47.2622727710.881.13
Ryan Sekman, SJV40523813592.101.27
Tim Egan, Matawan46.1434722511.961.49
Anthony Gubitosi, Colts Neck46.1623734732.871.53
Tyler Spencer, Colts Neck56.1615410501.611.14
Mike Caldon, Matawan35332612511.801.09


Class B Central All-Division

Hitter of the Year: Charlie Chropuvka, Jr., CF, Ranney
Pitcher of the Year: Matt Van Brunt, Sr., RHP, Point Beach
Coach of the Year: Angelo Fiore, Point Beach


CLou Spadafora, Ranney.408.554.612701115
CDavid Terra-Nova, Pt Beach.309.377.4124014171
1BAlec Glenn, Pt Beach.456.554.544500212010
INFBrett Wehringer, Ranney.442.514.590411221923
INFPhil Trebour, Pt Beach.333.477.42060025147
INFDiego Tavarez, Ranney.382.534.5825021614
INFJack Tallent, Ranney.372.448.4122001612
INFWaylon Manoes, Keansburg.333.442.472011998
OFHunter Alia, Pt Beach.400.456.487211291216
OFCharlie Chropuvka, Ranney.508.6001.033836243222
OFDev Bhatnagar, Ranney.367.465.5837031715
OFJake Jacobsen, Mater Dei.321.379.60444113159
OFRicky Nagy, Ranney.333.449.4394101712
DHA.J. Gracia, Ranney.500.617.978515263022
DHColin Matuschat, Pt Beach.382.564.54560119287
UTILAndrew Banick, Pt Beach.412.500.735130323194
UTILGlenn Cantalupo, Ranney.466.530.5867001516



Matt Van Brunt, Pt Beach22.132117311.570.81
Nick Coniglio, Ranney35713118553.201.40
Jack Renaud, Ranney132043210.540.54
Anthony Longo, Keyport30.132236461.850.96
Marcello Mastroianni, Ranney24433014363.501.83
Jack DiPaolo, Keyport28.243299520.731.33
Andrew Banick, Pt Beach23.131186252.101.03
Phil Trebour, Pt Beach9009241.561.22
Waylon Manoes, Keansburg28421919381.751.36


Class B South All-Division

Hitter of the Year: Nick Danbrowney, Sr., RF/DH/RHP, Barnegat
Pitcher of the Year: Dan Keenan, Sr., RHP, Jackson Liberty
Coach of the Year: Dave Beauchemin, Manchester


CKyle Moore, Barnegat.302.373.4725205101
1BMatt Kaliske, Lacey.426.524.83881617252
INFRian O'Rourke, Pinelands.344.391.4694201639
INFGavin Degnan, Donovan Cath.366.495.465510292019
INFJake Hickman, Jackson Liberty.379.423.4092001657
INFBryan Snowden, Barnegat.338.440.4932312393
OFLogan Duffy, Manchester.380.468.70972523191
OFSam Gates, Donovan Catholic.406.517.561511242020
OFJared Schworn, Barnegat.410.520.62332219246
OFAnthony Mursko, Donovan Cath.375.416.46340117239
DHNick Danbrowney, Barnegat.485.547.90962625194
UTILMike Damato, Manchester.390.462.683131317231



Dan Keenan, Jackson Liberty30.1422610531.611.19
Matt Colucci, Donovan Cath36603519302.331.50
Jacon Bowles, Lacey40.1313120421.041.26
Bryson Kirby, Pt Boro33.2243514352.911.45
Nick Zarycki, Lacey41.1423713311.691.21
Nick Danbrowney, Barnegat39332514651.261.00
Mike Damato, Manchester48.2624424452.591.40


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