Getting things back on track was the main focus when we took on Cornell University this past Saturday. 

K.B Asante (Monmouth Athletics)

As a team, we felt like we took a step back against Saint Francis, so it was extremely important for us to head in the right direction going into the bye week.  It was a huge game for us for many reasons.  We wanted to get back to .500 before the bye week and it was Homecoming Day which meant a packed house.

Everybody on the team looks forward to homecoming because as I said before we get great attendance, and also because seeing former teammates and alumni is always fun.  At the same time we realize that for some people homecoming is the only game that they can come to and watch us play in person, so it is really important for us to play the best that we are capable of playing.  We didn't want to disappoint our fans, and we sure didn't want to do that on last Saturday.

We picked a great game to play a complete four quarters of football.  The offense fed off of the defense, and vice versa.  On offense we created some running lanes that helped K.B Asante have a big day, which then opened things up for us in the pass game up top.  Special teams is one thing that we need to improve on, but aside from that we played a great game.  The final score on the scoreboard showed all of our hard work, when it displayed 48-23 as the game ended.

As I said before this win comes at a perfect time because we can carry this momentum that we have into our bye week.  A lot of guys are banged up with injuries so this is a great opportunity for us to get healthy and have a strong finish to our season.  Our next game is going to be at Sacred Heart in two weeks.