So today’s segment is about….ME!  Yes I know that sounds quite egotistical but there is motivation behind it which I hope you will understand.  Family and some friends are quite aware that I’ve had a challenging year physically and medically including a recent cancer scare which fortunately ended up with a more favorable outcome.

However what has really troubled me for some time has been back and spine issues…two of them to be exact.  In October following months of intense pain I had surgery to remove a herniated disc from my sciatic nerve which came out of nowhere.  Prior to that I was dealing with lower back pain from an unrelated issue but it was not really impacting my daily routine and something I figured would be addressed down the road.  Well guess what, that time is now.

As I recovered from the surgery this fall and winter the earlier issues started becoming more problematic.  As I share this today I have what’s commonly known as “pins and needles” in my left foot and at times a fair amount of pain and discomfort in my lower left leg.  For the most part I depend on my wife to tie my shoes each morning…I can do it but it’s not very comfortable.

So I returned to the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York on Monday and after a long day of having imaging done and meeting with my doctor it became apparent that my only real option was to have spinal fusion surgery which is not a walk in the park under any circumstances.  I will have this done sometime in the middle of next month and be out of work for a good amount of time.  Selfishly I’m just as troubled over not being able to spend much if any time on the beach this summer but hopefully at some point I’ll be able to play and run around with my grandson which I can’t do now.

This is not a pity party but at least when I’m out of action you’ll know why.  By the way please send prayers to my wife Jane, she has to put up with me and sacrifice her own beach time…well maybe!





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