We adults have to admit that at times our kids show us the way to act.  The latest example comes from a recent girls volleyball match between Central Regional and Donovan Catholic high schools.

It took place shortly after a 17-year Central player was seriously injured in an automobile accident.  In an awesome display of sportsmanship the Donovan team intentionally committed a violation that allowed Central to win the first point of the match.

The match was held on the Griffins home court yet there were signs of support everywhere for the opposing player including posters that said “Pray for Hannah.”  After the match the teams formed a circle with Central and Donovan players next to one another and prayed for the injured teenager.

Coaches Jeff Mangold of Central and Glenn Jansen of Donovan Catholic should be incredibly proud of their players for knowing that sometimes the final score is not reflected on a scoreboard.  Hannah has a long road back but a lot of people pulling for her.

I was not among the 50 million Americans who are said to have watched last night’s Vice Presidential debate but the impression I get from what I’ve read and heard is that Republican Mike Pence won only because Democrat Tim Kaine lost.

It doesn’t really matter because nobody casts their vote on who the running mate is. If they did George H.W. Bush would not have won by a virtual landslide in 1988 over Michael Dukakis despite having Dan Quayle as his running mate. Those old enough will remember that Quayle was ripped to shreds by Lloyd Bentsen in that year’s vice-presidential debate but it did not make a real difference in November.

Meanwhile the impression I get is that the Trump/Pence ticket is doomed unless Trump somehow can score wins in the next presidential debates which it’s hard to see happening.