Its possible Brick and Jackson Memorial could meet on the football field again during the state playoffs and if they do don’t be surprised if fans get treated to another dandy like the one that took place Saturday night at Munley Field. 

Brick senior Ja'Quez Johnson made two of the biggest plays in the game in the fourth quarter of a 30-24 overtime thriller against Jackson Memorial. (Photo by Bill Normile)

In an overtime thriller the Green Dragons prevailed 30-24 in what felt like a championship game even though it’s only early October.  There were outstanding performances all over the field including Brick’s Carmen Sclafani and the Jaguars Vinny Lee and it was simply an instant classic.

Before taking in that game my daughter Alex and I were in a jammed Marquee Cinemas theatre to see “Gone Girl,” the Fox thriller starring Ben Affleck as a writer whose wife goes missing.  It’s based on the New York Times best-selling novel which it seemed like many in the theatre had read.  The movie has many twists and turns and was much better than I expected.  Alex said it pretty much stuck to the book but of course there was significant differences and “Gone Girl” took in an impressive $38 million at the box office for the weekend’s top spot.

Congratulations to the DelPizzo Family and all of those associated with Carl’s Fencing, Decking and Home Improvements in Toms River.  The locally-owned and family-operated business held a customer appreciation day on Saturday with Toms River Mayor Thomas Kelleher cutting the ribbon as part of a re-branding with Carl’s now offering complete home improvement services.

Ribbon cutting at the re-branding of Carl's Decking and Home Improvement in Toms River (Townsquare Media NJ)

Congratulations to my Shore Sports Network broadcasting partner Ed Sarluca, who was among four inducted into the University of Charleston Sports Hall of Fame this weekend.  Sarluca was a four-year starter for what was then the Morris Harvey baseball team in the mid 60’s and was named the 3rd baseman of the decade.  A career.300 hitter he was a two-time All Conference player.  Ed was the head baseball coach at Toms River East during his long career as a teacher and coach.

Maybe it’s me but was storming the field after beating a bad Michigan team a bit of an overreaction by Rutgers fans Saturday night?  If it was because of the historic significance of the first Big Ten win then I guess I understand but still….maybe a bit much.

Belated Happy Birthday to Donovan Catholic Athletic Director Joe Gomulka, who celebrated his latest on Sunday.