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Two weeks away from the start of the 38th Annual WOBM Christmas Classic the seeds and pairings for the basketball tournament have been announced.  Head coaches for the 32 participating teams met Sunday at The Office Lounge in Toms River and were in near unanimous agreement when it came to the top teams in the revised holiday tournament held at the RWJBarnabas Health Arena and presented by Jersey Mike’s.

On the boys side, Manasquan was the top seed in the eight-team Jim Ruhnke Bracket followed by St. John Vianney, Central and Brick Memorial.  The Steve Gepp Bracket has Jackson Memorial seeded first with Freehold Township, Toms River North, and Red Bank Catholic grabbing the other top spots.

In the girls division, it’s defending champion Red Bank Catholic seeded first in the Rey Cervino Bracket followed by Manasquan, Toms River North, and Donovan Catholic.  Ewing was the obvious top choice to lead the Kathy Snyder Bracket and the rest of the top four is made up of Rumson-Fair Haven, Wall, and Red Bank Regional.

The tournament begins on Monday, December 26 with all 32 teams playing their first-round games starting at 10 AM.  Winners will play again on Wednesday (December 28) while the first-round losers move into consolation play on Tuesday and again on Thursday as every team is guaranteed three games during the week.

The bracket finals are set for Friday, December 30.

Below is the complete schedule plus the bracket. More information will be available this week.



38th Annual WOBM Christmas Classic Schedule

MONDAY, DECEMBER 26 (Quarterfinals)

 (Boys) Jim Ruhnke Bracket (RWJArena)                   

10:00    #3        Central             vs         #6        Marlboro          Loser    A

11:30    #2        SJ Vianney       vs         #7        TR East            Loser             B

1:00      #4        Brick Mem.      vs         #5        Midd. South      Loser    C

2:30      #1        Manasquan       vs         #8        TR South          Loser    D

(Boys) Steve Gepp Bracket (TRN Gym)

10:00    #3        TR North          vs         #6        Colts Neck       Loser    E

11:30    #2        Freehold Twp.  vs         #7        Donovan Cath.  Loser    F

1:00      #4        RBC                 vs         #5        Manchester       Loser    G

2:30      #1        Jackson Mem.  vs         #8        Wall                 Loser    H

(Girls) Ray Cervino Bracket  (RWJArena)                             

4:00      #3        TR North          vs         #6        Central             Loser    I

5:30      #2        Manasquan       vs         #7        TR South          Loser  J

7:00      #4        Donovan Cath.  vs         #5        Midd. South     Loser  K

8:30      #1        RBC                 vs         #8        Lacey               Loser    L

(Girls) Kathy Snyder Bracket (TRN Gym)

4:00      #3        Wall                 vs         #6        Point Boro        Loser    M

5:30      #2        Rumson-FH      vs         #7        TR East           Loser             N

7:00      #4        Red Bank Reg, vs         #5        Manchester       Loser    O

8:30      #1        Ewing               vs         #8        Brick Mem.      Loser    P

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 27 (Consolations)

Gepp Bracket (RWJ)                                                  Ruhnke Bracket (TRNorth Gym)

12:00    E          vs         F                                              A        vs         B

1:30      G         vs         H                                             C         vs         D

Snyder Bracket (RWJ)                                                Cervino Bracket (TRNorth Gym)

3:00      M         vs         N                                             I           vs         J

4:30      O         vs         P                                              K         vs         L



10:00    (G) Snyder        Wall/Point Boro Winner            vs         Rumson/TR East Winner

11:30    (G) Snyder        Red Bank/Manchester Winner   vs         Ewing/Brick Mem Winner

1:00      (G) Cervino      TR North/Central Winner          vs            Manasquan/TR South Winner

2:30      (G) Cervino      Donovan/Midd South Winner    vs         RBC/Lacey Winner

4:00      (B) Gepp          TR North/Colts Neck Winner    vs         Freehold Twp/Donovan Winner

5:30      (B) Gepp          RBC/ManchesterWinner           vs         Jackson/Wall Winner

7:00      (B) Ruhnke       Central/Marlboro Winner          vs         SJV/TR EastWinner

8:30      (B) Ruhnke       Brick Mem/Midd South Winner vs            Manasquan/TR South Winner

                                    THURSDAY, DECEMBER 29 (Consolations)

RWJArena                                                                  TRN

12:00    Snyder (M-N/O-P)                                            Snyder (M-N/O-P)

1:30      Cervino (I-J/K-L)                                              Cervino (I-J/K-L)

3:00      Gepp (E-F/G-H)                                                Gepp (E-F/G-H)

4:30      Ruhnke (A-B/C-D)                                            Ruhnke  (A-B/C-D)


10:00    Boys Semifinal Losers-Ruhnke

11:30    Boys Semifinal Losers-Gepp

1:00      Girls Semifinal Losers-Cervino

2:30      Girls Semifinal Losers-Snyder

4:00     Girls Division 2 Final-Snyder

5:30     Girls Division 1 Final-Cervino

7:30     Boys Division 2 Final-Gepp

9:00     Boys Division 1 Final-Ruhnke




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