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Final Stats

Logan Peters, Wall7862140
Darren Romaine, Brick Memorial5649105
Patrick Jamin, Rumson504494
Casey Mulligan, Manasquan612788
Ryan Sininsky, Southern642286
Ryan McGee, Red Bank572784
Luke Devlin, Rumson582381
Logan LeMoult, St. Rose582381
John McCurry, Wall621880
Aiden Kirk, Point Boro562278
Filipe Correia, Brick Memorial443175
Jamie Mazzacco, Shore482674
James Rea, Brick502171
Matt DeRosa, Jackson Memorial304171
Carson Cooke, Shore363470
Christian Bockelmann, Rumson472269
Brendan Dwyer, St. Rose452469
William Duddy, Donovan Catholic501767
Dan Martin, CBA402666
Chris Marks, Brick Memorial402565
Mike DeMayo, Manalapan402565
Ryder Villani, Red Bank422264
Matt Dollive, Wall372764
Billy Burdge, Brick273461
Joey DeYoung, Southern431760
Drew Walenty, Jackson Memoriał471360
Sam Madalone, Shore352560
Kyle Kapcsos, Holmdel382260
Ryan Bradley, Holmdel362359
Andrew Pape, Red Bank282755
Matt Porazzo, Manasquan451055
Zach Washco, Southern351954
Cole Cashion, Rumson351954
Tyler Quinn, Barnegat371754
Nate Lorenzo, Howell322052
Ryan Howard, CBA341852
Henry Lindquist, Brick Memorial391251
Henry Spencer, Red Bank341751
Daniel Murphy, Donovan Catholic193150
Anastagio Muscara, Colts Neck262248
Jake Washco, Southern321547
Doug MacKenzie, Howell351146
Owen McCusker, Manasquan39746
Colin Westhoven, St. Rose301646
Nick Blalock, CBA361046
Tyler Burns, Howell271845
Luke Brother, Southern222345
Luke Barber, Toms River North212344
Luke Rohrmann, Middletown South35843
Joseph Hammer, Holmdel281543
Peter Davi, Colts Neck182442
Torin Harmon, Red Bank Catholic251742
John Porcelli, Barnegat34842
Mike Deissler, Colts Neck291241
Justin Kurc, Brick281341
Christian Schlaefer, Brick34640
Mike Farinacci, Manasquan261036
Ryan Brice, Wall211536
Luke Platzte, Middletown South221335
Drew Barocas, Jackson Memorial241135
Nick Walano, Toms River North251035
Robert Pendergist, Manasquan30535
Vincent Burns, Howell191534
Aidan Reiser, Barnegat161834
Paul Capozzi, Jackson Liberty201434
Nate Rowohit, Colts Neck231033
John Vitale, Freehold Township181533
Corey Moeller, Shore141933
Hyatt Lowe, Ocean211233
Michael Terry, Ocean201333
Anthony Macchio, Manalapan131932
Finn Leahy, Marlboro27431
Hunter Lowe, Ocean211031
Anthony Muniz, Red Bank Catholic26531
Hayden Grecsek, Manasquan25631
James Fay, Howell22830
John Miranda, Middletown North23730
Charlie Harrison, Jackson Memorial191130
Daniel Burns, Wall141630
James Corliss, Barnegat25530
PlayerGround Balls
Sean O’Brien, Shore237
Luke Ray, Brick Memorial165
Grant Carle, Manalapan152
Vinny Gallo, Brick140
Jake Lupo, Colts Neck111
Darren Romaine, Brick Memorial108
Luke Barber, Toms River North108
Luke Vojtko, Brick Memorial107
Nick Cosimano, Red Bank Catholic105
Aiden Kirk, Point Boro95
Dom Giglio, Wall89
Theo Deberghes, Howell87
Colin Westhoven, St. Rose83
Alex Baker, Holmdel82
Avery Clarke, Freehold Township79
Logan Bianchi, Ocean77
Pat Frawley, Point Boro75
Mike DeMayo, Manalapan75
Ryan Bradley, Holmdel74
Beau Servidio, Middletown South66
Jake Gallo, Brick Memorial66
Tim Salisbury, Jackson Memorial66
James Vitale, St. Rose66
Zachary Veneck, Marlboro63
Drew Walenty, Jackson Memoriał63
Joe Abarno, St. John Vianney63
Vincent Burns, Howell62
Ryan Rankin, Jackson Memorial61
Henry Spencer, Red Bank60
Nick Glamb, St. John Vianney59
Mason Shenk, St. John Vianney59
Jamie Mazzacco, Shore58
Henry Lindquist, Brick Memorial57
Ryan Karr, Red Bank57
Sam Fertal, Red Bank Catholic55
Kyle Kapcsos, Holmdel55
Logan LeMoult, St. Rose55
Chris Defillippo, Colts Neck54
Aiden Dubinski, Marlboro54
Billy Burdge, Brick50
James Rea, Brick50
Charlie Harrison, Jackson Memorial50
Greg Wallack, Toms River North50
Stephen Albanese, Red Bank Catholic50
Patrick Clohosey, Neptune50
Logan Peters, Wall50
PlayerWin Percentage
Max Pauwels, Manasquan80
Sean O’Brien, Shore74
Tommy Swain, Rumson72
Jared Lucich, CBA70
Grant Carle, Manalapan69
Luke Ray, Brick Memorial69
Andrew Vernieri, Barnegat69
Tom Ilvento, Holmdel67
Beau Servidio, Middletown South62
Josh O’Leary, St. John Vianney62
Kyle Wenzel, Wall60
Kurt Falk, Southern57
Colin Westhoven, St. Rose57
Ryan Bradley, Holmdel56
Luke Barber, Toms River North55
Charlie Harrison, Jackson Memorial54
Glenn Giordano, Howell53
Vincent Burns, Howell52
Zachary Veneck, Marlboro52
PlayerSave Percentage
Walker Hunter, Shore67
Tyler Sininsky, Southern65
Brian Corliss, Barnegat65
Ryan Croddick, Rumson64
Chad Szatkowski, Jackson Memorial63
Gordon Ogden, Red Bank63
Evan Singer, Toms River North62
Colin Fay, Howell61
Scott Tavener, Long Branch61
Garrett Schwab, Ocean61
Carter Groezinger, Manasquan61
Max MacEachern, St. Rose61
Noah D’Andrea, CBA59
Nate Block, Middletown South59
Joey Dam, Middletown North58
Jack Bilancione, Red Bank Catholic58
Aiden Kessler, Wall57
Jacob Hull, Toms River South56
Andrew Arredondo, Holmdel55
Tim Spagnolia, Freehold Township54
Matthew LaBianca, Jackson Liberty54
Bryden Delaney, Marlboro53
PJ Mazzeo, Brick Memorial53
Matthew Azzarano, Point Boro53
Max MacEachern, St. Rose215
Garrett Schwab, Ocean207
Walker Hunter, Shore193
Scott Tavener, Long Branch189
Evan Singer, Toms River North189
Colin Fay, Howell185
Joey Dam, Middletown North184
Jacob Hull, Toms River South179
Tyler Sininsky, Southern172
Andrew Arredondo, Holmdel167
Chad Szatkowski, Jackson Memorial164
Matthew LaBianca, Jackson Liberty161
Matthew Azzarano, Point Boro151
PJ Mazzeo, Brick Memorial145
Jack Bilancione, Red Bank Catholic141
Aiden Kessler, Wall137
Bryden Delaney, Marlboro132
Tim Spagnolia, Freehold Township129
Noah D’Andrea, CBA123
Ryan Croddick, Rumson119
Brian Corliss, Barnegat113
Gordon Ogden, Red Bank112
Carter Groezinger, Manasquan111
Nate Block, Middletown South69


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