Let’s be honest. It feels more than ever like summer is over.

Sure we’ll eventually get through this pattern of rain and showers but by the time we do only a handful of us will make it back to the beach.  You probably know that’s what I like most about summer at the Jersey Shore and what I’ll miss the most over these next somewhat endless months.

However the beach is not the only thing I love about summer. Here are ten others.

  1. Being tan. I know sun can damage your skin and it’s not for everyone but I just feel better when I’m tan. Especially my feet.
  2. Not getting behind a school bus when I’m running late. No need to explain.
  3. If ever a sport was meant for summer it’s baseball and while I know the season is not over for us Met fans it ended months ago.
  4. Ice cream. I don’t have it often but it tastes a lot better in July than January.
  5. My favorite place to read is at the beach and I read about five books this summer and probably won’t get through another one for months.
  6. Sure you can grill all year long but there’s something about cooking on the grill with a cold beer in your hand while it’s still light out.
  7. Sure will miss them on the beach. Enough said.
  8. With only two exceptions I have not worn long pants in months and unless I wear sneakers I can’t remember the last time I wore socks.  Summer is meant for cool, casual and light apparel with bright colors and I dread the thought of sweaters and yes, socks.
  9. Holiday weekends. Memorial Day, sort of July 4th and Labor Day all within 98 days makes for extended breaks in the work week.
  10. Next to the beach itself this is the worst part because as summer fades so does daylight.  Who doesn’t like those long days of sunlight when after dinner you can still do things outside.

I know fall is wonderful and I can come up with a list of my ten favorite things but it will take a lot longer.



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