Manasquan has received the top seed in the 32nd annual WOBM Christmas Classic in both the boys and girls tournaments, which get underway this weekend at the Pine Belt Arena in Toms River.


(TRN-  Toms River North Gym)                   (PBA-Pine Belt Arena) 

Saturday, December 19 (BOYS 1st Round)
1:00     #6 Freehold Township vs.        #11      Wall          (TRN)        Loser “A”
2:45     #3 Manchester         vs.    #14      Jackson Mem.  (TRN)         Loser “B”
4:30     #7 Marlboro           vs.        #10     T.R. South     (TRN)        Loser “C”
6:15     #2 T.R. North         vs.        #15     Midd. South    (TRN)       Loser “D”
1:30     #5 Red Bank Catholic  vs.        #12     St. Rose        (PBA)        Loser “E”
3:15     #4 Donovan Catholic   vs.        #13      Brick Memorial   (PBA)      Loser “F”
5:00     #8 T.R. East          vs.        #9       Point Boro       (PBA)       Loser “G”
6:45     #1 Manasquan          vs.        #16      Lacey            (PBA)       Loser “H”

Sunday, December 20 (GIRLS 1st Round)
1:00     #6 Manchester         vs.        #11      T.R. South     (TRN)        Loser“I”
2:45     #3 Red Bank Catholic  vs.        #14      Freehold Twp.  (TRN)        Loser “J”
4:30     #7 Donovan Catholic   vs.        #10      Wall           (TRN)        Loser “K”
6:15     #2 Middletown South   vs.        #15      Point Boro     (TRN)        Loser “L”
1:30     #5 Sayreville         vs.        #12      T.R. North     (PBA)        Loser “M”
3:15     #4 Colts Neck         vs.        #13      Brick Memorial  (PBA)       Loser “N”
5:00     #8 T.R. East          vs.        #9        Central       (PBA)        Loser“O”
6:45     #1 Manasquan          vs.        #16      Jackson Mem.  (PBA)         Loser “P”

Saturday, December 26    (BOYS)
11:00   A    vs.        B         (PBA)  E          vs.        F         (TRN)
12:45   C    vs.        D         (PBA)  G          vs.        H         (TRN)
2:30     Winners (Freehold Twp./Wall) vs.        (Manchester/Jackson)        Loser “U”
4:15     Winners (Marlboro/TRS)       vs.        (TRN/Middletown South)      Loser “V”
6:00     Winners (RBC/St Rose)        vs.        (Donovan Cath./Brick Mem)   Loser “W”
7:45     Winners (TRE/Pt Boro)        vs.        (Manasquan/Lacey)           Loser “X”

Sunday, December 27 (GIRLS)
11:00   I         vs.        J          (PBA)  M         vs.        N         (TRN)
12:45   K         vs.        L          (PBA)  O         vs.        P         (TRN)
2:30     Winners (Manchester/TRS)      vs.        (RBC/Freehold Twp.)           Loser “Q”
4:15     Winners (Donovan Cath/Wall))  vs.        (Middletown South/Pt Boro)    Loser “R”
6:00     Winners (Sayreville/TRN)      vs.        (Colts Neck/Brick Memorial)   Loser “S”
7:45     Winners (TRE/Central)         vs.        (Manasquan/Jackson Mem.)     Loser “T”

Monday, December 28 (BOYS)
11:00   Winners (A-B/C-D)                  (PBA)  Losers  (A-B/C-D)        (TRN)
12:45   Winners (E-F/G-H)                  (PBA)  Losers  (E-F/G-H)        (TRN)
2:30     U         vs.        V                      (PBA)
4:15     W        vs.        X                     (PBA)
6:15     Boys Semifinal                                 (PBA)
8:00     Boys Semifinal                                 (PBA)

Tuesday, December 29 (GIRLS)
11:00   Winners (I-J/K-L)                 (PBA)  Losers  (I-J/K-L)       (TRN)
12:45   Winners (M-N/O-P)                 (PBA)  Losers  (M-N/O-P)       (TRN)
2:30     Q         vs.        R                      (PBA
4:15     S          vs.        T                     (PBA)
6:15     Girls Semifinal                             (PBA)
8:00     Girls Semifinal                              (PBA)

Wednesday, December 30 (All Games in PBA)
2:00     Boys 3rd Place Consolation
3:45     Girls 3rd Place Consolation
5:30     Girls Championship Final
7:30     Boys Championship Final

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