Over a million New Jerseyans are still in the dark following Hurricane Sandy but a map of restoration plans compiled by Governor Christie's office may offer some idea of when the lights will come back on.

Damage from Sandy in Morristown (JCP+L)

It's not known when the calendar will be released. However, JCP+L released a document estimating the return of service with a goal to "restore the majority of customers by next Wednesday, Nov. 7" according to a post on its Facebook page.

On its outage map JCP+L shows 654,494 customers still without power at 6:43AM.

PSE+G says 612,000 customers are still without power as of 5:30AM on Saturday morning. The utility says it has focused on repairing damaged stations and substations. It also says they are working on easing gas-related problems and working with the NJ Gasoline Service Association to restore power to stations. They have also restored power to the Conoco Phillips refinery and the Buckeye Pipeline facilities. We are making progress on restoring the other two refineries that we serve in the area.

Union City Mayor and State Sen. Brian Stack is not happy with PSE+G's restoration progress.  “This is disgraceful, the way it’s been handled by them,” Stack tells the Jersey Journal. “Look at this – five days later – and probably the busiest metropolitan area in the country is crippled,” he said. “It’s paralyzed.” Stack is calling for hearings with all utilities about their handling of the storm. He also wants credits issued to customers for the extended outage period.

Atlantic City Electric has restored nearly all its customers with only 459 without power at 7AM on Saturday according to its outage map.

Christie says  8,000 out-of-state crew members have now arrived in New Jersey, joining 10,000 based in the state.