I will be the first to admit that I don’t have a great deal of knowledge when it comes to the gun control debate.  However as I watched and listened to President Obama Wednesday unveil a plan to reduce gun violence I knew it would not take long for those on the other side to dispel the notion that we have a gun problem in this country. 

President Barack Obama is flanked by young children as he signs a executive order designed to tackle gun control (Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

The President appeared with Vice President Biden yesterday at a White House ceremony attended by family members of victims of last month’s attack in Newtown, Connecticut along with four children who had written letters over their fear and concerns of gun violence.   Obama then introduced a gun control package that includes universal background checks, a renewed ban on military-style assault weapons, a 10-round restriction on ammunition magazines, plans to make schools safer and greater access to mental health services.

For most of us this all appears to be a matter of common sense but the National Rifle Association promised a bitter fight in Congress to take away any of what they believe are their constitutional rights.   The NRA said “keeping our children and society safe remains our top priority but attacking firearms and ignoring children is not a solution to the crisis we face as a nation.”  There is more but you get the picture.

The gun lobby is indeed a powerful one and despite the heartbreak we all feel over what happened to those 26 innocent people a month ago getting meaningful legislation through congress will be no easy task.  Most of us have a hard time understanding why anyone needs a military-style assault weapon than can fire multiple rounds but there are those who will defend their ownership to the bitter end.

Meanwhile when I opened my email this morning I had an invitation from Larry Ward to take part in Saturday’s Gun Appreciation Day.  Mr. Ward is upset that the media is giving most of the attention to the President and his "gun-control cronies."  As Chairman of Gun Appreciation Day he is urging me to get my Congressmen to participate in Saturday’s events so we can all show the Obama Administration that we won’t go down without a fight.

By the way if you would like to participate then simply go to your local gun store, gun range or gun show with your Constitution, American Flags and your “Hands off my Guns” sign to send a message to congress and our leaders.  I think I’ll pass and find something else to do.