Rutgers University is suing the Big East over the $10million exit fee and 27 months the school must wait to join the Big Ten.

(L-R) Big Ten Commissioner James Delaney, Atletic Director Tim Prunetti and Rutgers President Robert Barchi at a press conference (Rutgers Athletics)

In the suit filed in Middlesex County Court, Rutgers says the Big East  President's Board doubled the exit fee to $10mililion at its meeting on November 12-13 and is charging Rutgers the full fee according to Courthouse News Service. Rutgers contends the Big East did not charge other schools, including Syracuse, PIttsburgh and West Virginia, when they left the conference representig $39.5million in uncollected penalties.

By charging Rutgers and not the other schools, New Jersey's university contents, "The court should accordingly enter an order declaring the Bylaws to be void and of no effect as between the parties, permitting Rutgers to withdraw from The Big East prior to July 1, 2015, or in alternative, declaring that The Big East has waived Rutgers' obligation to abide by the 27 months notice provision and the requirement of a withdrawal fee."

Rutgers said the Big East is not recognizing the $1.3milion the school lost for losing a home game with Texas Christian University after TCU left the Big East.