The state has set up a hotline for gas stations to report delivery and other problems.

People line up to fill gas canisters at a Shell gas station in Matawan (Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

The hotline, run by the New Jersey Economic Development Authority (EDA), is for owners and operators to self-report service problems at their station to help officials respond more effectively to their issues.

“Right now, we know there is a problem with access to gas in many parts of our state as a result of impact of Hurricane Sandy, but we don’t have complete information on the nature of those issues or where they are occurring,” said Governor Christie. “If a station isn’t getting gas to people, we need to know, so we can direct the right resources to where they are needed. This hotline will allow us to collect this critical information on gas station issues – whether it is a supply problem, a power outage, or an issue of access due to flooding or downed trees – and help speed up our recovery efforts, period.”

Reports can be sent by email to, or by calling 609-858-6900.