At Health Fusion Wellness, we offer more than your average Chiropractic and Physical therapy offices. At HFW we utilize chiropractic care as the basis in our initial evaluation, we will then determine if an intervention from another discipline is necessary to achieve your specific goal. We understand that every patient is different. Our diagnostic process, looks at the individual as a whole, self healing, self regulating being rather than as parts or “symptoms” allowing us to make the best determination on what path of care is right for you. So whether it’s chiropractic care, physical therapy, medicine, acupuncture or another discipline we are open to utilizing all of the necessary tools available to FINALLY get you better, faster. Outlined below you will get a small taste of what we do to help your body perform optimally!


Whole Body Cryotherapy

The user stands on adjustable platform inside the octagonal-shaped chamber during treatment which ensures their head remains outside the chamber. A technician fills the Impact Cryotherapy chamber with nitrogen vapor, Which drops the temperature of the chamber to a range of (minus) -100C to -150C and temporarily lowers the temperature of the skin’s top layer. The treatment lasts a maximum of three minutes. During the process, the skin sends signals to the brain, which stimulates physical reactions and activates naturally occurring healing resources. Once out of the chamber, the body immediately reheats.


Accurate Postural Assessment

Posture can be considered the window to the spine, specific abnormal postural displacements are associated with specific spinal positions. If your posture is left uncorrected, then your spine skeletal system, discs, ligaments, blood vessels, muscles and spinal nerves will be under constant asymmetrical stress and will eventually adapt with pathological changes. It is advisable to seek corrective type care until your posture (and spinal alignment) is as close to normal as possible.



Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is used to remediate impairments and promotes mobility, function, and quality of life through examination, diagnosis, prognosis, and physical intervention. At Health Fusion Wellness we take a “hands on” approach to physical therapy. We understand that some times it takes “a little more” to get you the outcome that you are looking for, especially when working with athletes and individuals who are already performing at a higher physical level. No matter what your physical fitness level or ability, the same core principles are what is necessary to get you better.



In our office, we utilizes the E.A.T.(Exercises, Adjustments, Traction) principle developed by the late Dr. Donald Harrison and Dr. Deed Harrison in order to ensure our patients not only get better but have lasting results. Research being done by both the medical and chiropractic professions is telling us that there is an ideal or normal model that our spine should be in when looked at from the side. The eat principle helps us to move the patient toward a healthier, more normal alignment. Specific exercises will be prescribed to the patient based on their individual needs in order to strengthen and support proper structure, ensuring maximum functionality of the body. Gentle adjustments will be performed utilizing a range of techniques to improve range of motion, provide pain relief, and improve posture and function of the spine and other joints. Traction may also be prescribed and is usually necessary to ensure long-term lasting relief.


Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA)

The SFMA is the movement based diagnostic system, designed to clinically assess 7 fundamental movement patterns in those with known musculoskeletal pain. The assessment provides an efficient method to systematically find the cause of symptoms, not just the source, by logically breaking down dysfunctional patterns and diagnosing their root cause as either a mobility problem or a stability/motor control problem. This systematic process allows our clinicians to clearly match their intervention to the main problem of the patient. This model efficiently integrates the concepts of altered motor control, the neurodevelopmental perspective, and regional interdependence into musculoskeletal practice.


Game Ready Recovery System

Game Ready® uniquely integrates proven cold and compression therapies in a dual-action treatment system that sets a new standard of care in injury and post-op recovery. Featuring innovative ACCEL® technology, Game Ready simultaneously circulates ice water and delivers intermittent pneumatic compression through anatomically specific wraps. Giving your patients the upper hand against swelling and pain, Game Ready effectively enhances the body’s natural repair mechanisms and speeds healing.


NormaTec MVP Recovery System

NormaTec’s founder, a physician bioengineer (MD, PhD), recognized the powerful potential of external dynamic compression and its crucial role in healing and recovery. The concept of using external compression to aid the body with its normal circulatory processes has been around since the 1960s; however, the science of compression had no major technological advances during the first 40 years of its use. After trying every available compression pump on the market with only unimpressive clinical results, NormaTec’s founder realized that the key to advancing the technology of external compression is improving the massage pattern. Thus NormaTec developed and patented Sequential Pulse Technology, and the NormaTec Recovery System was born.


Whole Body Vibration

Aside from its potential for muscle and bone growth, some of the research into whole-body vibration indicates successful clinical uses too. The research looks promising for helping patients with decreased bone mass or osteoporosis increase their bone density. Problems with balance and intramuscular pain may also be improved with whole-body vibration therapy. Studies also have also indicated that Whole-body vibration therapy may have an effect on decreases body fat and regulating key hormones in our bodies.


Whole Body Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy

The study of the trigger point map of the body. Muscle fibers are made up of two parts; actin and myosin. In a healthy muscle, actin and myosin approximate upon muscle activation and get away from one another upon relaxation. A muscle trigger point forms when actin and myosin unable to get away from one another due to faulty posture, increased stress, acute onset of an injury such as trauma. The most efficient way to reduce muscle trigger points is by applying pressure to break the muscle spasm points followed by stretching to regain flexibility and function throughout the muscle.


Instrumental Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (Graston-like Technique)

Treats soft tissue conditions with use of a specialized tool. Benefits of this technique include reducing inflammation, decreasing overall time of treatment, aids in quicker rehabilitation time and recovery and may resolve chronic conditions thought to be permanent.


VYPER Hyper Ice Vibration

Used by the world's most elite athletes, The VYPER is a cutting-edge fitness and recovery device/roller that uses pressure and vibration to improve the body's overall performance. The VYPER loosens and lengthens muscles, increasing range of motion and flexibility, increases circulation, ideal for warming up the body before physical activity, helps reduce muscle soreness and stiffness for better recovery and is an effective tool for myofascial release.


Rock Tape

First used by acupuncturists and chiropractors in Japan, today kinesiology tape is used by practitioners throughout the world to treat injuries and improve sports performance. While the use of kinesiology is often associated with athletes such as Michelle Wie, Adrian Peterson and Jason Khalipa, the reality is that RockTape is effective for the treatment of a wide variety of problems, not just sports injuries. RockTape is made from 97% cotton and 3% nylon. The adhesive is a hypo-allergenic, acrylic-based and contains no latex. Our practicioners are certified in RockTape because it is the only tape and taping method we found to perform at the level we need it to perform.



A. Rock Band – Facilitates proper muscle activation.
B. Mobility Bands – Used for hips, ankles, shoulders to restore joint mobility for the limbs.
E. Gut Smash - To restore mobility for Gut.
F. Gemini – To restore segmental mobility in spine.
G. To restore mobility in the foot muscles.
H. Super Nova – To improve hip mobility and to roll out hip mobility.






A. X-Wing
B. Battle Star
D. TP Therapy
E. Rock N’ Roller