Belmar has issued a mandatory evacuation ordering all residents out of town by 12noon tomorrow.

Public works crews drain Lake Como in Belmar in anticipation of the storm (Facebook via Jersey Shore Hurricane News)

In a statement, Mayor Matt Doherty stated, “We have been advised this morning by the National Weather Service to expect unprecedented record setting flooding in Belmar on Monday and Tuesday from Hurricane Sandy.

"In addition, JCP&L has advised us to expect power outages lasting up to 7-10 days."

Doherty said, "After close consultation with County and State officials, our Police Department, Fire Department, Fist Aid and Department of Public Works, I have signed a declaration of emergency for Belmar.  This includes a mandatory evacuation order for all Belmar residents, and the closing of all business at 12 noon tomorrow, Monday."

The Mayor warned, "Please know that if you remain in Belmar, and flooding occurs as expected, emergency vehicles may not be able to reach you."