Matt Michalski should be enjoying his sophomore year at Manchester Township High School and looking forward to playing baseball for the Hawks in the spring.

Instead the 15-year old spends most of his day and night lying in bed, getting up only to use the bathroom or maybe a drink of water as he needs to consume 100 ounces a day.

Matt has Dysautonomia, which is a dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system which controls a number of vital functions including heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, respiration, digestion and others.  It leaves Matt with numerous symptoms that would make you think his organs are failing, among them the inability to stand, rapid heart rate, excessive fatigue, chest pain, low blood pressure, fainting, insomnia, migraines and depression.

About six months ago while getting ready for the baseball season he appeared tired all the time which finally led him to the doctor and eventually a diagnosis.

While there is no cure for Dysautonomia there is hope that Matt could almost outgrow the illness later in life but for now each day is a battle that takes its toll.

He can’t do any of the things that a teenager would like, including going to school, riding a bike, playing baseball or walking around with his friends.  His condition was best described to me as being like a 15-year old boy walking around with the body of an 85-year old man.

Despite that his family says he faces his day with profound courage and incredible strength which helps his parents Tricia and Tim Moore continue to provide the support he needs.

The community wants to show their support so the Manchester Little League and Manchester PBA 246 are teaming up to host “Bat for Matt” next Saturday (September 22) at the Little League complex on Route 571.

It’s a one-day, one-pitch softball tournament in which teams will pay $200 to play and every dollar raised will go to Matt and his family, who were involved in the Manchester Little League for many years as coaches and volunteers.   Organizers are still seeking teams to play and support the cause and those interested can call Rich Zingaro at

(732) 779-3022 or email him at

Sounds like a great day for a great cause so hopefully there will be many willing to go to “Bat for Matt.”